Silver Nuggets: Senators preferred outcomes for 15 March

When I have nothing else to write, I will likely just resort to writing about the night's games and what the Senators should hope for. Without further delay here it is:

Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers
Ottawa sits a point behind the Bruins for first place in the division. The Panthers sit only four points behind the Bruins themselves. Even if Ottawa can't catch Boston, maybe Florida can take the #2 seed and setup a matchup with #7 Ottawa?
Best case: Florida in regulation.

Colorado Avalanche at New Jersey Devils
Easy one to pick here, Ottawa is three points behind New Jersey for the #6 seed.
Best case: Colorado in regulation.

Philadelphia Flyers at New York Islanders
This one likely doesn't matter, as the Flyers are five points ahead with two games in hand. But couldn't hurt if the Islanders win.
Best case: New York in regulation.

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Here are today's links:

Last game

  • Recap from last night. (Silver Seven, Ottawa Sun, Senators Extra)
  • Scoring chances from last night because non-Adnan recaps aren't good enough to include them. (The 6th Sens)
  • Some interesting corsi numbers from last night. Filip Kuba was +16, Erik Karlsson was +11 and Sergei Gonchar was a whopping -18. A large part of that was because the Senators blocked 12 shots with Gonchar on the ice, but still, Montréal sure seemed to attempt a lot of shots with Gonchar on. (Time on Ice)
General Sens News
  • Erik Karlsson doesn't like his chances of ever winning an Art Ross Trophy, saying a defenceman will likely need 70-75 assists to have a chance. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Are the Toronto Maple Leafs like a greek tragedy? Okay so this isn't Sens news, but I don't feel like looking for other non-Sens news. (Welcome To Your Karlsson Years)
  • How will Jakob Silfverberg do next season? Will he need good linemates or will he be stuck playing with Zenon and Cynthia Konopka? For the upcoming playoffs, Stefan doesn't think Silfverberg is going to be a better player than Erik Condra or Jim O'Brien due to the lack of practise and adjustment to North American hockey. (The 6th Sens)
  • Do you have tickets for Saturday's game against the Leafs and want to trade them for Friday's game against the Habs? OD99 would like to trade, so mention something in the comments if interested.

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