Silver Nuggets: Rules, Rules, Rules

There are always a few few rules changes at the start of a new season that tweak, however slightly, the way hockey is played in the NHL. The start of this campaign has ushered in a few changes which have stirred discussion among players and fans alike.

  • Mandatory visors: Sure it's only been grandfathered in, but that was probably the best that could be hoped for. Hopefully we won't see any more horrific eye injuries like the one that recently threatened Marc Staal's career. The change was coming anyway; when I was a little kid I used to draw and paint hockey players all the time and virtually no one wore a visor. When I took up the practice again a few years ago after a 15 year absence, it seemed like most key players were wearing them and I suddenly had to figure out how to paint clear, plastic face shields.
  • Hybrid-icing: It's only being tested in the preseason, but hopefully it's a step in the right direction. I am always in favour of changes that make the game safer, but would love to see no-touch icing (the variant used by basically every other league) adopted. Again, it's about prevent serious, life-threatening injury. No-touch icing made its first appearance almost 25 years ago in Czechoslovakia after Luděk Čajka, a New York Rangers draft pick, crashed into the boards on an icing play while playing with HC Zlin. Comatose and paralyzed, he died six weeks after sustaining his injuries.
  • The tuck rule: Apparently this one has been on the books for awhile, but is going to be enforced this season. Players don't seem to like it, especially Alex Ovechkin. Many fans don't like it either. There is a safety element to this rule, but considering that safety matters are usually dealt handled with the "let the players decide" motto and then nothing happens, it seems odd. Some have speculated it is the first step in the the NHL's bid to have advertising on jerseys. I really don't care about this rule change, although think it's odd how much it's been talked about. It does take away a little personality from the game and it seems like something that will be a little difficult to enforce. I can see intermission pundits debating if it was an "inadvertent tuck resulting from play" on a Mika Zibanejad tuck penalty, or if it was an "intentional tuck" and citing his previous jersey-tucking history.
  • Smaller goalie pads: The aim is to increase scoring by using shorter leg pads. Sure, everyone but those in net love a 5-hole goal. I think it would have been better to move to international ice size in the 90s and early 2000s when all those new rinks were being built and old barns replaced, but I guess that ship has sailed.
  • Shallower nets: Again, more scoring by creating more space between the net and the end boards. I haven't really noticed, but maybe it takes awhile for everyone to adjust to that extra space. Although, Spezza was working behind the net quite a bit against the Leafs.
  • Rule 48 clarification: There was also a slight change in the wording of Rule 48 to help clarify to rule. It now reads, per Elliotte Friedman: "Now Rule 48.1 declares an illegal check to the head as "a hit resulting in contact with an opponent's head where the head was the main point of contact and such contact to the head was avoidable." /

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Springsteen Song of the Day

With the Boss' 64th birthday on Monday, we should all spend some time listening to his extensive catalog. Today's suggestion? "State Trooper" from Nebraska, released 31 years ago this month. But really, check out the whole album, it's fantastic.

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