Silver Nuggets: Roll Call!

Your annual introduction to the Silver Seven staff

We've done it before, but we're doing it again: it's roll call time! Both our writing staff and our community have grown in the past year and New Year's Day seemed like the perfect time to get to know each other a bit more. We're introducing ourselves in this post, but feel free to do the same in the comments!

Mark (Managing Editor)

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Blogging specialty: Pumping up, uppercuts
Fun fact about yourself: If it hadn't been for Cotton Eye Joe, I'd have been married a long time ago.
Sens dream Job: DJ, because we don't play enough Fog Hat

Favourite sandwich: Caprese with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, and fresh basil with a little red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil on fresh buttered sourdough grilled in a panini press. You're not gonna do better than that for a sandwich.

Favourite Sens memory: December 20th, 1998. My brother and I are in the stands for our second ever game at Corel Centre. During a break in play, I scream, "YASHIN!!!" and he looks right at me. Not expecting this, I have no idea what to do next, so I scream, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" and he skated away, shaking his head and laughing. We totally had a moment.

Peter (Founder, Editor)

Location: Ottawa

Blogging specialty: Bus blogging

Fun fact about yourself: Already a cat-father and a Godfather, and this April I'll become father to a human child! (Congrats, Peter and Nikki!!!)

Sens dream job: Assistant coach in charge of defence, because it offers more freedom and flexibility (and a lot less stress) than head coach while still granting the opportunity to work with players.

Favourite sandwich: Montreal smoked meat, d'uh

Favourite Sens memory: So hard to choose. Carkner's 3OT winner in 2009 was awesome, so I'll choose that one.

Darren (Editor)

Location : Vancouver

Blogging speciality: I can't remember...

Fun fact: used to program indie computer games as a hobby

Dream job: Assistant GM - get to do the work of GM, but without the blame or profile

Favorite sandwich: burrito

Favourite sens memory: Matt Carkner's triple OT winner against the penguins

Adnan (Editor)

Location: Toronto

Blogging specialty: game previews. Very fascinating.

Fun fact: I can start with 1 and multiply by 2 over and over in my head well into seven digits. I don't know if it is a fun fact but it always impresses people when I can do arithmetic faster than it takes them to input into a calculator at times.

Sens dream job: owner. How cool would it be to own your favourite hockey team and no one could fire you.

Favourite sandwich: chicken burrito, no beans

Favourite Sens moment: Alfie overtime winner against Buffalo

Ryan (Editor)

Location: Vancouver, BC

Blogging specialty: Non-fancy stats research

Fun fact: I would drop everything in my life to be the first human on Mars

Sens dream job: Head of marketing, because that department needs such an overhaul in thinking

Favourite sandwich: Philly cheesesteak with provolone and no mayo because mayo is evil and ruins everything it touches [Mark here. The fact that Ryan would even mention putting mayo on a Philly cheesesteak proves how little he knows about American culture. I can state with reasonable certainty that Ryan has no idea what a Philly cheesesteak actually is. I'm not sure what abominations he's been eating. I'm sure he thinks they're cheesesteaks, but come on... mayo?!)

Favourite Sens memory: Steve Duchesne goal to send the Senators to their first playoff appearance ever

Amelia (Editor)

Location: Newmarket, ON

Blogging specialty: essay-length posts

Fun fact: I'm writing a book

Sens dream job: Head of marketing or official artist or official historian. Or all of these jobs.

Favourite sandwich: I love sandwiches so much; here are my top 10 sandwiches as of how I felt on Christmas Eve:

1) Club sandwich

2) Montreal smoked meat

3) Cheesesteak

4) Reuben

5) Egg

6) Tuna and cucumber

7) Grilled cheese

8) Peanut butter and jam

9) BLT

10) Tuna melt

Favourite Sens memory: Erik Karlsson's hat trick.

Eric (writer)

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Blogging specialty: Not actually blogging for Silver Seven
Fun fact: Voted "most likely to wear pants" in high school.

Sens dream job: Master Blaster hot dog refiller.

Favourite sandwich: Montreal Smoked Meat

Favourite Sens memory: When I was 10 years old, I was hit by a puck off of an errant clearing attempt from Patrick Traverse. Janne Laukkanen threw over a Powerade towel from the penalty box. I still have the towel and the puck! Also Carkner's 3 OT goal.

Roger (writer)

Location: Toronto

Blogging specialty: Apologism

Fun fact: "RogerTheShrubber" isn't actually my real name.

Sens dream job: CTC Shrubber. But in my dream it would be called the Palladium again.

Favourite sandwich: The shawarma. Because I miss it so.

Favourite Sens memory: Alfie sending us to the finals. Being at game 3 against Montreal last year was a pretty great experience too, though.

Dave (writer)

Location: Burlington, ON (but Ottawa is still my home)
Blogging specialty: Generating blog ideas/Articles with polls
Fun fact: I can tell you which way (left/right) every player in the NHL shoots without looking it up. It becomes fun at bars when people try to stump me.
Sens dream job: God I'd love to be involved in any capacity. Some form of coach or player development person. I'm a teacher in real life, so I'd love to teach hockey.

Favourite sandwich: the "Nove" at Stoney's Bread Company in Oakville Ontario. I swear to God. Go. Go now.

Favourite Sens memory: Steve Duchesne's goal. You know the one. Or Alfie's Goal. You know that one too.

B_T (writer)

Location: Ottawa

Blogging specialty: Talking about the opposition, apparently

Fun fact: Started my daughter down the road to being a Sens fan while she was still in the womb, and she had her first negative reaction to the Leafs at a month and a half old... I was so proud.

Sens dream job: Probably something to do with either tech or statistics.

Favourite sandwich: Monte Cristo

Favourite Sens memory: Leafs first visit to the Palladium. Alfie tied the game up with under a minute left off a clean breakaway. Almost EVERYBODY in attendance was cheering (just process that one for a second).

Gord (writer)

Location: Barrhaven
Blogging specialty: Keeping it real
Fun fact: I saw Sidney Crosby in Olympic Village in 2010 and even though it was only the back of his head from far away, I know for a fact it was him. I yelled "SHORT SIDE!" as loud as I could and even though that got security involved, I know for a fact he heard me because later he scored the Golden Goal on Ryan Miller. You're all welcome.

Sens dream job: I would be GM/Coach because I would know best how to get the best players and then coach them. Both jobs are really easy to do if you're good at them so I could literally do both no problem.

Favourite sandwich: Poutine on White Bread

Favourite Sens memory: Getting Dany Heatley traded. What a waste of life that guy is.

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