Silver Nuggets: #Lehnsanity

Robin Lehner is the talk of the town for his memorable goalie fight on the weekend--and its role in precipitating the Binghamton Senators' meltdown in the aftermath.

You've all undoubtedly seen it already but, if not, here's the already-classic video of Robin Lehner taking on and taking down Riku Helenius about mid-way through the Binghamton Senators' 6-5 overtime loss to the Syracuse Crunch on Saturday:

The stuff of legend. And it adds to the legend of Lehner, who's quickly gaining a following around the league for his fights and outbursts--those which result from the same perceived immaturity that has Ottawa Senators managers shaking their heads and hoping for a little bit more self-control on Lehner's part.

But let's take a step back, here, and look at the context: The refs had completely lost control of the game, and the Crunch were mercilessly running Lehner at every opportunity. Bingo's defencemen were failing to prevent that. The B-Sens were up 5-0 in the game, sitting comfortably. It was a relatively meaningless regular season game, and Lehner had AHL veteran Nathan Lawson ready to back him up in the event of an expulsion from the game. What better time, really, for Lehner to let loose and embrace his lunacy?

It's not Lehner's responsibility to ensure his backup goaltender isn't a total sieve, or to lock down the 5-0 lead. He walks away from the incident with a check-mark on his resume, in my books, while his teammates should be the ones wondering what the heck they did to lose the game. It certainly wasn't Lehner who lost it for them.

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