Silver Nuggets: Rick Nash trade rumour craziness

It's official, everyone: NHL Trade Deadline Day has jumped the shark. The fridge has been nuked.

Trade speculation has set a new benchmark this season, most notably with all the discussion of Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets and the millions of ideas about where he might go, where he should go, where he will go, and whether he might go at all. A month ago, sports networks like TSN and Sportsnet began advertising their day-long circus scheduled for Feb. 27. They're bringing in nearly anyone who was once associated with the NHL to dissect rumours and possibilities to fill the time.

There isn't necessarily any blame to be laid here, though. (Heck, Silver Seven writes about speculation and ideas all the time--it's part of the fun.) People want to hear about who might move, and want to fantasize about what their team might do. Viewers tune in religiously; online pageviews skyrocket; newspapers sell. This pundit says that pundit says this might work, and it becomes a bona fide rumour; forget about whether it started as speculation, it's now become highly possible. Patchwork Frankenstein stories are electrified by a game of broken telephone, and they take on a life of their own.

And, once again this year, I'll turn into a mindless slob on deadline day because I want to find out what's happening as it's happening, too.

Which brings up the most pressing question: Should the Ottawa Senators pursue Rick Nash during the lead-up to deadline day?

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