Silver Nuggets: Playoff odds up to 72.6 per cent

The Ottawa Senators increased their playoff chances by 9.9 per cent with last night's terrific 6-2 win over the Florida Panthers, bringing them up to a 72.6 per cent chance of making the post-season. Goes to show what 3-0-1 record in four games will do for a team's playoff odds when we're down to the back-end of the schedule.

Ottawa has now built up a respectable lead on their biggest competition, as they're four points up on the Toronto Maple Leafs, seven up on the Washington Capitals, and three up on the Florida Panthers, but they're still vulnerable: Toronto has two games in had, while Washington and Florida each have four. Suffice to say that there will be a lot of scoreboard-watching and spoiler-cheering in Ottawa over the course of the next couple of weeks.

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And here's Jim O`Brien's first NHL goal:

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