Silver Nuggets: October Prediction Game

Let me be honest for a second here. I was going to use this space to write PLAY A PUCK-MOVING DEFENSEMAN ON THE THIRD PAIRING BECAUSE NEITHER JARED COWEN NOR MARK BOROWIECKI CAN HANDLE THE PUCK but really, that's all I had. We all can see it -- it was on display in a PRESEASON game vs. the hated Montreal Canadiens for heaven's sake -- and the numbers back it up. From Nichols' transcript of Bryan Murray's recent interview:

On whether there is any issue using an opening night pairing of Borowiecki and Cowen...

"I don't see any issue with it. Obviously it's a coach that would make that call. We'll talk about it, but I think the two of them fit. I think they work well together. They've (spent) a little bit of time together, so I could see that as a very strong possibility."

It's a ridiculously small sample size of 44 minutes and 47 seconds of five-on-five ice time that the two have played together, but the results are horrendous. The Senators averaged 54.93 shots attempts for per 60 to 71.01 shot attempts allowed per 60 with the pairing on the ice. Good enough for a Corsi For Percentage (CF%) of 43.6.

I'm assuming that these two veterans will be given the benefit of the doubt and will start the season together, but by the end of the first five to ten games, I'd wager that "Let Wideman play" will become the next "Put Wiercioch in".

He really hits the nail on the head, doesn't he? There's so much evidence behind having two players with complimentary skillsets play together, and especially with the game transitioning into one that prides itself on smarts and puck-moving ability, it's asinine that the Senators are content to roll out a Cowen - Borowiecki third pair. Yes, it's only 12-15 minutes a night and yes, it may only be for 15-20 games to "give Cowen a "fair" chance" but for a bubble team like Ottawa, that could really do them in. The margin for error is slim, and you'd think, of all the teams, the Senators would know that.

ANYWHO, to take our minds off of that, I thought we'd play a fun prediction game! No, this doesn't have anything to do with Jared Cowen (please prove me wrong), but instead, your goal is to predict the game outcomes for the month of October.

1. Write your username in the left column

2. Predict a score and an outcome (W, OTW, SOW; L, OTL, SOL)

If you predict the exact score AND outcome, you get four points. If you predict the exact outcome (W, OTW, etc.) you get two points. If you're right (i.e. the Senators won the game or lost the game in some capacity), you get one point. Anything else and you get no points.

I'll leave the spreadsheet open till the Tuesday Nuggets are up; after that, I'll lock the spreadsheet so that we can't make any further changes. At the end of the month, I'll add up the scores and post the results.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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  • As a science student, I always love articles about the science behind the game. Here's an article on what the Leafs are doing to optimize player performance this season. [Sportsnet]
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  • A 100 year old man is breaking athletics records!!!!!! He's probably more fit than 95% of us. [NYTimes]
  • I'd be remiss if I didn't use this space to thank Max Keeping for everything he's done for the Ottawa community. I met him at a Sens game a couple years ago and he was always such a bright spirit and a champion for getting as many people (especially kids) involved. Thoughts are with his family + loved ones. [CTV]


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