Silver Nuggets: Junky Edition

Hockey is back, and there are not many people happier than this Nugget writer, now with loads of fun things to write about. But what does that say about us?

You. Yes, you. Reading this post right now. You have a problem. A substance abuse problem. You are addicted to hockey. And if you have a problem, what does that say about us as writers?

The game, and the people who represent it, have been downright horrible to us, the fans, in the last 6 months or so. And yet, with the announcement that the game is coming back for a shortened season, we couldn't be more excited. I'm here writing my first Nuggets post in over a month, the site is loaded up with brand new awesome content, and TSN is wall-to-wall #GameOn coverage. Predictions are being drafted up, trade rumours are burning anew, and water coolers around the country are already tired of hearing about Roberto Luongo.

And I guess that is the saddest part of this lockout. We didn't deserve this. Every sport says they have the best fans, but what other fans have continued to come back despite gong show after gong show? Sure, there will be blowhards who just want to be quoted in the Sun who claim they will never come back. There may even be some people who realized during this lockout that they didn't miss hockey that much and have interests elsewhere. But even though the NHL could not deserve it less, there will always be us, the Junkies, who just cannot get enough.

Let's watch some hockey!

Sens Links:

  • As I said, the site is LOADED with unreal content now that we finally got some good news. Darren gives us an update about where Senators players have been during the lockout. [SSS]
  • Mark has been churning out great articles throughout the lockout, so now that he has some content to work with, it only gets better. Here he is with a final thought on the lockout, one that I haven't seen anywhere else and that is incredibly insightful. [SSS]
  • And here he is with one of my favourite features on our site, Ups and Downs! [SSS]
  • Cyril Leeder makes his statement to us, the fans. I like to call this, damage control. [SensExtra]
  • Really interesting article from Varada at WTYKY, about tanking and this upcoming draft class. Not sure I agree with him, but its worth the read. [WTYKY]
  • Luke Richardson is about to lose some of his best players, which is a shame, but man has he had a great start to the year with Bingo. Here he talks to the Team 1200. [6thSens]
  • Senators will have to work hard to make things up to fans, and it looks like they are moving quickly to come up with ideas. [SensExtra]

League News

  • Six urgent matters teams must deal with before the season starts. [TSN]
  • I like the sentiment here from Lambert (never thought I'd type that), and some good links here as well. [PD]
  • Last but not least, the best. Elliotte and his 30 thoughts. [CBC]

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