Silver Nuggets: Most Likely to Surprise

Training camp is creeping closer...

Did you know there are other players involved with the Ottawa Senators besides Daniel Alfredsson?

It's true, I swear. So today, I thought we should talk about them. Specifically, I thought we might talk about who you think the most surprising player this upcoming season might be. For me, I think it's Clarke MacArthur.

Almost nothing has been written about MacArthur so far this offseason. He's been overshadowed by Alfredsson's depature and Bobby Ryan's arrival. I don't think he's even on the radar of most Sens fans just yet. This is a player whom the Senators have invested significant money in, and who is expected to play in a top-six role vacated by the maligned Guillaume Latendresse, and he's currently not much more than an afterthought in the scheme of things.

"Oh yeah," you say to yourself. "Clarke MacArthur. I heard Leafs fans are pissed about losing him, so he must be good." And then you forget about him and go back to your pro-/anti-Alfredsson rant. I think a lot of our indifference comes from our diminished expectations--Jason Spezza, Erik Karlsson, and Ryan are the big names. They're the guys who are going to carry the load and the rest of the team can just chip in where they can.

So, I think when we actually start to see MacArthur play, we're going to be very surprised at just how good he is and how well he fits Paul MacLean's scheme. He's one of those guys. You know the ones: Always lurking around the net, always seemingly open, just waiting for a rebound or a pass to come his way. Seriously. Watch this video of all 20 of his 2011-12 goals with the Maple Leafs. Watch where he's usually scoring from.

MacArthur's prospective centerman, Kyle Turris, just happens to be the kind of guy who excels at finding players in those areas. You may remember this little dandy from a few months ago:

"Oh, nothing, just passing it over Raphael Diaz for an easy tip-in." And the guy Turris passed to on that play isn't such a bad passer himself. If MacArthur is open somewhere on the ice, do you think Karlsson is going to have a problem hitting that stick? I don't.

40 points seems to be the general expectation for MacArthur. He had 43 in 73 games in 2011-12 and 20 in 40 games in 2013. Given the way he plays and the system he's coming into, I think he could exceed those expectations--especially if he gets regular power play time. His ability to find open spots seems ripe for the kind of back-door goal you just shake your head at in disgust.

Who you think the player most likely to surprise Sens fans this year is?

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NHL Links

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