Silver Nuggets: Mike Hoffman OR Bonafide Top-Four Defenseman?

The Senators need a top-four defenseman. This, by now, looks to be like a fact.

The big question though, is who or what the Senators may have to give up to acquire a defender that is both a) good and b) cost-controlled for the foreseeable future. This means NO to overvalued 'veteran' options like Kris Russell or Trevor Daley, where the Senators could reasonably get a small upgrade for a minor price. For the type of defenseman we're talking about, the Senators are going to have to give up something of value. It could be another, lesser value defenseman like Patrick Wiercioch or Jared Cowen, packed with something that is enticing enough to force the other team to give up the better asset. It could also be an exchange of young talent, with the Senators giving up a Cody Ceci or Curtis Lazar.

Another option is a player who's incredibly skilled, but an RFA that the Senators may have to shell out big bucks for very soon, like Mike Hoffman. It hurts me to say this as Hoffman is one of my favourite Senators, but he's exactly the type of talent that the Senators can sell high on and acquire something that may be more beneficial for the team. Hoffman is the rare blend of being aesthetically pleasing to watch on the ice, with plus speed and hands with a wicked shot to boot. He's exactly the type of player that you'd love in a scoring role, but he's also a little on the older side for a young player. You don't need the numbers to know how bad the Senators have been on D, but the worrying part has been the lack of improvement of the current group that features Cowen, Wiercioch, and Ceci. With the bulk of the team in their prime (Anderson, Methot, Karlsson, Turris, Ryan, etc.), can the team afford to wait longer than the 3+ years they've already been waiting?

Thus, the question I have for you to discuss in the comments and vote in the poll is: would you trade Mike Hoffman for a bonafide top-four defenseman? A Jared Spurgeon, Cam Fowler type of player?


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  • A piece by Pierre LeBrun on Daniel Alfredsson's season thus far. He seems to really like the scouting aspect of the game, and for a team that has generally done poorly with evaluating NHL-level talent AND has very few pro scouts, I wouldn't mind seeing Alfie settle here. [ESPN]
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Other Links

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  • Justin Bourne, the Score writer that I often feature in these Nuggets because of his fantastic tactical analysis is now.... an assistant coach with the Toronto Marlies. Although it's for the enemy, congrats to Justin! [The Leafs Nation]
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  • A basketball piece on how Drake is leaving his role on the Raptors, despite not being on the court. I bring it up because we've seen recruiting efforts by non-hockey personnel feature into organizational decisions before. From a management side, remember how getting a call from Daniel Alfredsson helped convince Matt O'Connor that this is where he should play? [Sportsnet]
  • I can't mention basketball without mentioning the Golden State Warriors, right? Here's a wonderful piece on an underrated part of Steph Curry's game: his footwork. [NYTimes]


Thanks for reading!

Would you trade Mike Hoffman, currently fourth in the NHL in 5-on-5 scoring, for a bonafide, top-four defenseman?

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