Silver Nuggets: MacLean comments on Da Costa struggles

Stéphane Da Costa has been struggling for a while now and not just in the face-off circle. Paul MacLean says he typically plays Jason Spezza against the opposition's top line, and would like to play Da Costa against the second line. However, Da Costa didn't match up well against Vancouver, so Zack Smith's line played against the second line.

Against Pittsburgh, it is an even bigger problem, with their second line featuring Evgeni Malkin and the NHL's second leading goal scorer, James Neal. For this reason, Da Costa will likely face Jordan Staal's line. MacLean spoke at length but the quote that stood out to me was:

"It's going to be a test to see what we're going to do with Steph. We're going to try and make sure we put him in a spot to succeed, but it's going to be a tough night, for all of us." - Paul MacLean

Is MacLean hinting that the Senators are considering sending Da Costa down to Binghamton or just on how to manage his minutes? Peter Regin is still about a month away, so the other alternative to Da Costa would be to move Foligno to centre. That or moving Jesse Winchester up to the second line, but I don't know if he can hold down the spot for a month.

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