Silver Nuggets: Looking at You, Number 2

So after we all had a great old fashioned hate-fest here the other day talking about which teams we just do not like, today we take the flip approach and find out who you have a secret crush on.

Wednesday was fun, right? We got to spend the afternoon piling on and hating on our rivals and quirky hated teams (like Dallas). That night the Senators went out and gave the Montreal Canadiens a good ol' fashioned ass kicking. Yesterday, however, was a much more somber day in Senator-land. With Jason Spezza out for the foreseeable future (more on that in the links), I figured today we could look at something brighter. But first, I wanted to highlight this comment from longtime user havey03, who wrote this like he had waited his whole life for someone to ask him which team he hated:


I just hate Boston.
My 1st NHL game was in March of 1993, Ottawa vs Boston at the Civic Centre. We lost 4 – 0.
I hate that we can never seem to win against Boston. I’ve been to 3 games vs Boston and we’ve lost them all.
I hate that Chara signed with Boston.
I hate that Kelly got traded to Boston.
I hate Tim Thomas.
I hate the general attitude of the team.
I hate that they won the Stanley Cup.
I just hate Boston.

Well, no one will ever accuse him of being unclear!

Today is the 180 degree flip from Wednesday. I want to know, who is your number 2? When the Senators are out, who do you cheer for? Do you have a team out west that gets a lot of your love? Let me know!

Dave's Answer: Well, after saying I love Patrick Kane and saying how much I missed Marian Hossa, it will come as a surprise to no one that I will tell you, number 2 is Chicago. Throw your tomatoes at me for being band-waggony, but when the Senators missed the playoffs/got ousted in no time in the span of a few years, I wanted to keep watching the playoffs and the team that was the most fun to watch was Chicago. I also am a big fan of the World Junior tournament, and many of my favourite players from that tournament have found their way to Chicago.

Senators links:

  • Spezza = out, Dave = Sad. More Peter Regin in the top 6, and I've got no time for that. [SSS]
  • I'm going to blame this injury on Mark Parisi, who wrote this article about the Senators impending Spezza problem. Silver Seven: Just Blame Mark. [SSS]
  • A dashingly handsome contributor wrote about Shane Prince for the Top 25 under 25 feature. CHECK IT OUT. [SSS]
  • Prediction panel for tonight's game against the Hurricanes. Peter says win, and I'm inclined to agree. [SE]
  • Craig Anderson has been pretty good. Now he'll have to be even better (if humanly possible). [SE]
  • With his exceptional start to go along with his unbelievable playoffs last year, WTYKY asks "Is Andy our best goalie ever?" [WTYKY]
  • Mika Zibanejad has been lights out in his first two games. With Spezza out, it'd be nice to have young guys try to fill some of the void. Mika has the talent to do it. [SE]
  • Scoring chances vs MTL [6thSens]
  • Aaaaand I'll just leave this here to help you get through the last few hours of your work week. [6thSens]

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