Silver Nuggets: Logo Changes

Can it be done well?

There are always teams who just won't leave well enough alone. They need to redesign not just their jersey, but their logo. Some teams just refine what they already had and the logo evolves over the years. But other teams go all out, a completely new logo. Completely changing the image that has represented them for years, maybe decades.

More often than not, it does not go well at all.

But not always! Going back to the old logo after a major redesign is usually very popular, but there have been some new designs that I've liked a lot more than what they replaced.

The Phoenix Coyotes swapped out their original logo with the cubist feel for the 2003-04 season. A relatively straight forward howling coyote head is what they have worn ever since.

I'm not quite sure how to describe the original Blue Jackets logo. Okay, maybe tacky. The new logo debuted in 2007-08, and doesn't feel like something that was designed 20 years too late.

You might consider the current Tampa Bay logo to be a refinement or an evolution of what they had previously, but I would say there are enough differences while still maintaining the same theme. There seems to be some debate over if it's actually an improvement, but I think it is.

Another open to some debate about the quality is the Kings logo. I definitely think the current shield is a big improvement over the crown, but it might just be out of nostalgia for their first major redesign.

So have there been any new logo designs (not returns to old logos) that you have liked more than what they replaced?

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