Silver Nuggets: Light a Mup/Merry Christmas Edition

Jim Henson's Muppets have a long association with Christmas. Beginning in 1979, the Muppets have participated in four Christmas TV movies, the best of which, A Muppet Family Christmas, is regrettably impossible to find on TV or in stores anymore. The first theatrical Muppet movie produced after the death of Henson and muppeteer Richard Hunt was The Muppet Christmas Carol; the excellent film is my favourite adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic nineteenth-century story.

Mups have a much more brief association with the Ottawa Senators. It all started with the February, 2013 release of "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" by Fall Out Boy. By the beginning of the 2013-2014 season, the song had become a clichéd hockey anthem, adopted by at least a dozen teams in the NHL, including the Senators. The Sens used the song as the soundtrack to a commercial featuring the team's beat-down of the Montreal Canadiens in the 2013 playoffs. Part of the team's marketing campaign the ad was featured at least 65 times a game early in the season. Twitter responded with the "light a mup" slogan, naturally.

But then something happened that the Sens online community didn't anticipate. The Sens produced a fantastic holiday greeting video. The take on "The 12 Days of Christmas" featured Senators Clarke MacArthur and Zack Smith singing about "five lit mups".

Released on Monday, the Sens played the East-leading Pittsburgh Penguins that night and proceeded to win, with "five lit mups". The legend grows.

It is inevitable then that we ask "which Senator is most like which Muppet?" It's easy and it goes something like this: Colin Greening = Kermit because it's not easy being (Green)ing.

Rowlf the Dog



Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Camilla the Chicken

Dr. Teeth

Sgt. Floyd Pepper


Fozzie Bear

The Great Gonzo

Janice (the one that looks like Joni Mitchell)

Miss Piggy

Rizzo the Rat

Sam the Eagle


Statler and Waldorf

The Swedish Chef

Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comment section! Finally, from the crew at Silver Seven, have a very Merry Christmas if you're celebrating, have a relaxing day off if you're not, and if you have to work, hang in there, the World Juniors start tomorrow!

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