Silver Nuggets: How do the Sens influence your life in weird ways?

Happy Friday, all! I'm in a pretty pessimistic mood after being sick all week (I had a lot of time to scroll up and down General Fanager's Senators cap page while lying in bed) so I decided to share a couple of fun, strange Sens-related things I do in my life. Feel free to share yours in the comments!

1. The volume (TV, radio, iPod, etc.) always has to be on the number of a current Sens player. 15 (sorry, Zack Smith) is always avoided because of Heatley, and anything above 30 generally isn't used because I don't want to burst my eardrums. Thus, I generally go with 18 (Shane Prince's BSens number! Shhh, it still counts), 22 (Condra), 25 (Neil), and 27 (Lazar).

2. Something Sens-related is generally on me at all times, whether it's my Ottawa Senators Stanley Cup Keychain (to prove to everyone in Toronto that yes, in fact the Senators DID win the Cup at some point), my old black Centurion logo hat (the best logo), or my Sens travel mug.

3. Any mention of someone saying that their favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens immediately makes me dock points in my internal checklist of "Objective Things that Make Up Good People." Alternatively, any time I see someone in Sens gear in Toronto, my thoughts often rotate between "Should I go give this person a high-five?" and "I wonder how many times someone has been mean to them today."

Your turn!

Sens Links

  • The only real piece of official Sens news is the signing of Fredrik Claesson to a one-year contract extension. Richard has some thoughts on the signing, and Bryan Murray's comments are included in the Senators link.I also included my favourite ever Claesson content, which is a video from Bonk's Mullet as Claesson was interviewed by @SteveOnSens at Sens Development Camp. [Ottawa Senators, Silver Seven, Bonk's Mullet]
  • One of the reasons I got sad after scrolling through the Sens cap situation is because I know Bryan Murray won't buy out any of his players. If you want an explanation of how buyouts work to join me in the inevitable sulking, B_T has an excellent write-up here. [Silver Seven]
  • Trevor goes on a rant on how the pursuit of a top-six forward is stranger than my Sens number volume thing. [SenShot]
  • Nichols has an interesting piece on the goaltender situation, this time focusing on how the Sens hope that their depth pays off in the future. Are they making the right bet, though? [6th Sens]
  • Sean McIndoe has a piece on former Sens star Marian Hossa, and wonders if he's worth of the HHoF (I think so). Trevor accompanies it with a piece on Daniel Alfredsson's candidacy. [Grantland, SenShot]
  • The "Your Say" series continues with a chance to grade two depth players with completely different skillsets. [Silver Seven: Your Say - Condra, Neil]

NHL Links

  • A fantastic compilation of player experiences on losing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. [Sportsnet]
  • The LA Kings went through a tumultuous season both on and off the ice. What happened? Let Katie Strang walk you through it. [ESPN]
  • A wonderful piece on re-defining the role between scouts and stats when drafting. [Canucks Army]

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