Silver Nuggets: Even strength scoring

Jason Spezza leads the Senators with 36 even strength points, but do you know who is second? It's Nick Foligno with 30, two ahead of Erik Karlsson and Daniel Alfredsson. In terms of per 60 minutes of 5-on-5, Foligno is in fact leading the way with 2.41 points per 60 minutes.

On defence, Erik Karlsson leads with 28 even strength points, Sergei Gonchar is second with 15. The two are also first and second on a per 60 minute basis, with Karlsson at 1.41/60 minutes and Gonchar at 1.09.

So given how often Foligno scores on even strength, why does he not get more power play time? He gets 1:12 of power play time per game, which is only eighth among the club's forwards.

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