Silver Nuggets: Collective Bullying Getting Me Down

Oh, sorry, should that title say Bargaining?

I disagree. I think from now on, CBA should stand for Collective Bullying Activities. It doesn't really matter in which realm we are talking. Sure, for us here on this site the owners demanding the cattle players give back money they already signed contracts for before considering opening an NHL season is the biggest example. Did anyone here watch any football last night though? The NFL locking out its officials and going with the farce that is replacement referees is an absolute joke. Watching the Sunday night game between the Patriots and Ravens (always an incredible matchup) and its hard to say who got screwed over more by the referees in that game. And all because the NFL doesn't want to give 10 million to officials over a span where the league will make almost 9 billion.

Maybe (like me) there are some people on this site who are (or who are going to be/married to) teachers in Ontario. Sure, teachers were making out like bandits, but again in this case, the side with all the power is going back on things that were negotiated.

In the case of the NHL, the powerless fans are without hockey. In the NFL games are skewed and players and coaches suffer with the fans. All because people inherently want as much as they can get plus that little bit extra. It is called bargaining people, not bullying. You have to give, you have to negotiate, you have to try your best to get a deal done, because people's livelihoods depend on it. This posturing and bullying helps no one and hurts everyone. But I guess when you are in the position of power, you think if you hold on long enough you'll win.

Makes me sick. And its getting me down.

End rant.

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