Silver Nuggets: Classic Senator Visuals of Old

Today we take a trip down memory lane. Last night, as I was pumping away on the stationary bike at the gym, I turned to my friend and said, "Hey, remember when every Senators post-game interview was done from one of these?"

It was iconic, it was something that was associated with those powerhouse Ottawa Senator teams of the early 2000's. Here these guys were, after a win or after a loss, pumping away and sweating like crazy to keep up the incredible fitness level those teams were known for. Even Brendan Shanahan made fun of them in a classic clip that was shown on coaches corner (if anyone can find it, post it in the comments, it is gold).

What were some other hallmarks of those early teams? Some iconic images? Patrick Lalime waiving at a puck going by in the playoffs? Alexei Yashin's turtleneck? Jacques Martin never smiling on the bench? Of course the old 2D logo on the white jersey is one of those things that sticks out for me and really takes me back. It takes me back to the time I fell in love with the Senators. I was young, impressionable and the team was nails. I was young, the team's financials or the league's CBA was of no concern to me. I just knew I loved hockey and I loved the Ottawa Senators.

I think with the (at this point) inevitable lockout we are facing, it doesn't matter to us who gets what share. We are just going to miss watching the sport and team that we love.

Wipe away that tear, and tell me about some of your iconic Senators images!

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