Silver Nuggets: Back to the regular season

The all-star game was great for the clubs's fans and the players, but now it is back to the regular season, starting with a game in Boston tomorrow night. This will be Ottawa's sixth consecutive road game, and after winning the first two in Toronto and San Jose, the Senators lost three in a row in Anaheim, Los Angeles and Phoenix. After the visit to Boston, the Senators will play five consecutive games at home starting with the New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs this week.

Ottawa is currently sixth in the eastern conference and despite all their extra games played, they are also sixth in points per game. Hopefully the club doesn't let this streak extend into the 6-7 game range and can bounce back quickly.

What would be an acceptable week for you? I am hoping for and predicting four points out of six.

Here are some links for today:

  • The all-star game was certainly a celebration of Daniel Alfredsson. (Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Yahoo!)
  • Alfie was also named third star of the week by the NHL. (Ottawa Sun)
  • And here is a blog by Jason Spezza! (NHL)
  • Brian Elliott doesn't have any bad feelings regarding Ottawa. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Don Cherry talks to the Sun about the time when "the right wing, the hard-working guy in the factory, the construction worker could finally have a say." Ha! He says other crazy stuff too such as educated people not liking him. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Robin Lehner talks at length about this season, and says that he is confident he is a better goaltender right now than even in the playoffs last season. Well...sure can't doubt his confidence. (Press & Sun-Bulletin)
  • Lehner is also happy that a bird "took a dump" on Eric Gryba at the beach. (Robin Lehner)
  • The NHL had a great celebration this weekend, but there is still a lot of uncertainly over the future of the Phoenix Coyotes. (National Post)
  • After it turned out that Sidney Crosby had a broken bone in his neck that Pittsburgh doctors never detected, Crosby's agent didn't deny that his client is upset with the Penguins. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Mike Babcock is a smart man and says acquiring a player for fighting is a waste of time. The Red Wings lead the NHL with 67 points and are last in the NHL with 7 fighting majors. (The Detroit News)

How many points will the Senators get this week against the Bruins, Islanders and Maple Leafs?


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