Silver Nuggets: Asset Management

The trade deadline has come and gone, and there is one thing that is apparent: Bryan Murray seems to understand (and excel) at asset management.

Gone are the days of Bryan Murray sending a 1st round pick for Chris Campoli. Gone are the days of the 8th seed Ottawa Senators trading 2 second round picks, one for 20 games of Matt Cullen and one for 20 games of "the expert".

Nowadays, the Senators and the Murrays are taking a much more patient approach to building this team. Along with Pierre Dorian, the team has drafted extremely well and along with Randy Lee and Luke Richardson (as well as the Paulrus) the organization has done an exceptional job of developing its young players.

Ever since the Great Purge of Senate Reform that saw beloved players like Mike Fisher and Bad Guys like Chris Kelly shipped out for picks, the only deals GMBM has been interested in are for young players who fit with the "new core" and that will be players on this team for the foreseeable future, like the Kyle Turris deal.

Yesterday, unless you were under a rock, you know that the Senators sent Ben Bishop to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Cory Conacher and a 4th round pick (as an aside, I'm really happy for Ben and hope he does well in TB, he deserves it). But just to recap, that's a 2nd round pick for a rookie of the year candidate and top 6 forward AND a 4th round pick.

I'm of course alluding to the 2nd round pick that the Sens sent to the Blues last year for Bishop in the first place. Use that second rounder to trade for a need, have Bishop save our bacon in two straight seasons, and then move him for a new position of need: a scoring forward. To pick up an extra pick with how well our scouting staff has been the last few years, it looks really good on Bryan Murray.

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