Silver Nuggets: All-Time Senators: General Managers

Now that the team on the ice is set and we have a bench boss, who would we want steering the ship from above? Today we look at the best architects the Ottawa Senators have ever had.

Bryan Murray: He makes yesterday's list as well as today's. Currently the longest serving General Manager in team history, there are many polarizing and mixed feelings about GM BM. Some people will tell you he inherited a winner and burned it to the ground. Others will tell you he inherited a flawed team and over his tenure here, through a renewed vigour in scouting and drafting, has restocked the cupboards and created a more sustainable organization. Your call.

John Muckler: A legend from his days with the Oilers, John Muckler gave the team a certain amount of credibility. He made some of the ballsiest, most controversial decisions during his tenure here. Wade Redden or Zdeno Chara? Picking up Peter Bondra? Dominik Hasek? Marian Hossa sign and trade for Dany Heatley? While some of his moves were instrumental in bringing legitimacy to the team, some of them set the team up for failure once he left. He may be a legend, but its not like another team snatched him up when he was let go here.

Marshall Johnston: In my opinion, one of the most underrated figures in Senators history. His drafting and trade record set the team up for the success that John Muckler would experience. Jason Spezza and Chara for Alexei Yashin? Drafting Martin Havlat 26th, Chris Kelly in the third round, Anton Volchenkov 21st, and Spezza, Tim Gleason, Ray Emery, Christoph Schubert and Brooks Laich in the same draft, the guy was a heck of a builder.

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Bryan Murray78
John Muckler2
Marshall Johnston94
Other (Specify)4

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