Silver Nuggets: A Take On Lockout Stories

Ladies and gentlemen, I must apologize. It has been far too long without a Silver Nuggets post and I apologize. Much upheaval (I start teachers college today!) and a long weekend made for a long time without a post, but fear not, Nuggets are back!

On Thursday, I asked about the future leadership of the Ottawa Senators. Round about 68% of you said that you thought that Jason Spezza becomes the Senators next captain before Erik Karlsson becomes an assistant. There were many excellent comments, but I chose this one from TsnFan:

I Voted Spezza.

Even though I think they will both move up the chain, with Karlsson getting the A at the same time as Spezza gets the C. I don’t think there will be a period where there isn’t a C in ottawa, because they mainly only do that when the captaincy is in question and they need time for someone to seize the role. We don’t need that here, as Spezza is the de facto captain when Alfie is out with an injury already.

I can’t think of anyone who would get the A before Karlsson, maybe Michalek, assuming of course he isn’t traded at the deadline this year, but as that is a little more ambiguous than who gets the C, I think the new captain will get announced before the new assistant.

Even if that’s by a matter of minutes in a joint press conference, Spezza will still be first.

Love that the question was considered down to the minute. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't include Darren's BRILLIANT comment that had 14 (!) recs:

So you're saying Spezza's not the captain this city deserves but the captain it'll need?


Today's question... Well there isn't one. I've decided that for a little while I will step away from the WIML series. It is tough to come up with scenarios for the upcoming season when you aren't sure there will be one, and that thought just depresses me. Today we go back to the original format of this section of the nuggets: A rant.

Today, my issue is with the abundance of stories coming out about where players may be playing "in the event of a lockout." So and so may be playing in Switzerland, so and so may try his luck in Russia. Is this news? No. These guys are hockey players and the ones not earning huge money will try to play hockey elsewhere if they can. Instead of these so-called stories, tell me about the team you are covering. Or take a look at the farm system. If you want to do a lockout story that means something, tell me about the arena staff that will be most affected by this lockout, tell me about how local businesses may suffer.

In the end, it IS hard to write about hockey when there is not much optimism of any hockey being played soon, but a little effort and a little creativity will go a long way.

End of mini rant. What are your thoughts on the current CBA negotiations and how do you think the media has done in terms of dealing with it?


Sens News:

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