Silver Nuggets: 25, 30, 40

Today's Nuggets ask the following question: which Senator is most likely to reach the following goal target: Kyle Turris (25), Milan Michalek (30), and Bobby Ryan (40)?

Kyle Turris: Matched his point numbers from his first season in Ottawa exactly in one less game in 2012-2013. A healthy Jason Spezza should alleviate some of the pressure on him as well. Will finally have that elusive Ottawa training camp.

Milan Michalek: He's had seasons of 26, 24, 23, and 22 goals before breaking out for 35 goals in 2011-2012. But the question remains, is Michalek a 30-goal scorer, or was 2011-2012 an aberration? Michalek's success depends on his frequently repaired knees. If he's healthy, he will excel on the top line with Jason Spezza and new teammate Bobby Ryan.

Bobby Ryan: A 5-year NHL veteran, Ryan posted seasons of 31, 35, 34, and 31 goals before a somewhat down season in 2012-2013. Ryan is a bona fide 30-goal scorer in the NHL, but finds himself in a similar position as Milan Michalek: can he push himself to that next level consistently?

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Which is most likely in 2013-2014?

Kyle Turris scores 25 goals294
Milan Michalek scores 30 goals57
Bobby Ryan scores 40 goals139

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