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Silver Nuggets

Silver Nuggets: If you had to make a trade...

This week’s Nuggets recaps Deathcember and asks where you’d like to see an improvement in the roster: at forward or on defence?

Silver Nuggets: How are the Sens doing?

Share your opinions on the Sens’ season

Silver Nuggets: It’s been six weeks.

This week, your Silver Nuggets covers the pertinent stories from November and discusses whether we should worry about the offence or not.

Silver Nuggets: Chris Driedger’s unusual career

Not many players have had career starts like Driedger

Silver Nuggets: Does early success matter?

There are some surprises at the top of the NHL standings - do they mean anything?

Silver Nuggets: The Second Pairing

Phaneuf-Ceci has not inspired confidence so far

Silver Nuggets: Zack Smith’s Next Contract

It’s never too early to start talking pending UFAs, right?

Silver Nuggets: Smith, MacArthur, and bottom-six

Your first Nuggets of the season has all of the links from the team's first four games as well as a look at the intriguing contract situation looming for the Sens depth players.

Silver Nuggets: Recapping August and September

Want to get caught up on all of the Sens happenings before the season starts on Wednesday? This is the piece for you!

Silver Nuggets: Recapping July

Away on vacation? Taking an internet or TV break? Get caught up on all of your Sens news in one comprehensive piece!

Silver Nuggets: 2016 Offeason Deadlines

Your lengthy Nuggets features all of the deadlines to keep in mind when following the Sens this offseason, in addition to an expansive collection of Sens links to get you prepped and primed for the busiest couple weeks of hockey news.

Silver Nuggets: Finding a RW in free agency

After a hiatus, the Nuggets are back! We get you caught up on Sens news and discuss who the team could potentially sign to fill a void on the third-line.

Silver Nuggets: Improving the bottom-pair via FA

Your weekly Nuggets recaps your Sens news for the week, while looking at the statistics of 39 UFA defensemen to see if there are options to improve the Senators porous bottom-pair

Silver Nuggets: Identifying Personnel Problems

The most packed Nuggets of the year catches you up on ALL of the Sens news, while trying to identify some gaps in the current roster that new GM Pierre Dorion and his team will have to solve in the offseason.

Silver Nuggets: A look at the Sens depth chart

Your Tuesday Nuggets features your regular set of Sens links, in addition to an outline of the Senators depth chart. Maybe it can help with your offseason speculating!

Silver Nuggets: Pulling the Goalie

Do the Sens make good choices when pulling the goalie?

Silver Nuggets: NCAA Free Agents

Your Tuesday Nuggets, with a lengthy preface profiling a number of key NCAA free agents left for the Senators to try and sign.

Silver Nuggets: Asset Management & Matt Puempel

This week's Nuggets has a boatload of Sens links and a lengthy preamble on Matt Puempel's career and season.

Silver Nuggets: Expansion Draft Scenarios

With expansion drafts being discussed, here's a look at what the Sens could do

Silver Nuggets: March Prospect Update - Forwards

Your weekly Nuggets, prefaced by an update on the forwards currently playing in Europe, the CHL, or the NCAA!

Silver Nuggets: Why Do We Watch the Sens?

A little exercise in self-reflection

Silver Nuggets: March Prospect Update - Defensemen

Your Tuesday Nuggets, with an update on the rearguards in the Sens system

Silver Nuggets: What Happens With Wiercioch?

He's been a healthy scratch for five games in a row, signalling the team will probably just get rid of him.

Silver Nuggets: Sens Trade Deadline Recap

Away from civilization yesterday? Get caught up with all that happened and didn't happen at the trade deadline!

Silver Nuggets: Outrageous Predictions Revisited

Looking back on some out-there predictions I made to start the season.

Silver Nuggets: Looking at 2016 Draft Targets - D

This batch of Sens links covers all of the weekend news, in addition to outlining some of the top defensive talent available at the upcoming NHL draft!

Silver Nuggets: BSens Free Agent Dossier

After looking at all of the Senators RFAs/UFAs, our focus turns to the team's organizational depth!

Silver Nuggets: Are There Good GMs?

There seems to be a lot of recency bias involved in deciding whether a GM's tenure has been good or not.

Silver Nuggets: Have YOUR say. What's the problem?

Discuss discuss discuss; what do you think is wrong with the Senators and how would you fix it?

Silver Nuggets: Will You Watch the All-Star Game?

The NHL has put a lot of work into revamping the ASG - will it actually get people to watch?

Silver Nuggets: Looking at the Sens passing data

Your packed Nuggets gets you caught up on all the Sens happenings over the past week and includes some interesting data that analyzes the passing ability of the Senators.

Silver Nuggets: Bryan Murray's trade history

Your weekly Nuggets, prefaced by a comprehensive table outlining all of Bryan Murray's trade while General Manager of the Ottawa Senators.