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Silver Linings

The optimistic side of things.

Reasons for Optimism: The Rookies

The struggles of this decade's Ottawa Senators and the consequent Senate Reform have accomplished one thing, at least: It's allowed management to re-stock the prospect cupboard.

Reasons for Optimism: Murray's Drafting History

Bryan Murray is undoubtedly a good judge of talent and has drafted well in the past. This is another reason to be optimistic for the Ottawa Senators future.

Reasons for Optimism: Goalie Tandem

The 2013-14 season did not give Sens fans a lot to feel good about, but there are reasons for optimism here. Between Craig Anderson and Robin Lehner, fans can take comfort in knowing the goalie position is looking good for the future.

Reasons for Optimism: Clarke MacArthur

In a season where everything went dark, Clarke 'Grizz' MacArthur was one the brightest lights.

Reasons for Optimism: Kyle Turris

The 2013-2014 Ottawa Senators season was a disappointment. Entering year four of the Senate Reform, there is much uncertainty. However, there are also several reasons to smile. This is the first post of five outlining reasons for optimism.

Silver Whinings: Ugh

I sat down to write a Silver Linings post. This came out instead.

Silver Linings: Better Days to Come

These are dark days, but things are about to turn around