Sens Summer Fan Fest to be held on August 16th

The second annual Sens Summer Fan Fest, organized by Kevin Lee of Bonk's Mullet and Twitter fame, will be taking place at MacLaren's on the afternoon of August 16th.

The first-ever Ottawa Senators Summer Fan Fest was held last year, and was a huge hit. Inspired by a similar fan-organized event for the Blue Jackets, Kevin Lee (@BringBackLee) set up the event as a chance for Sens fans to get to know each other, to talk hockey, and to raise money for the Sens Foundation. Last year over 100 people attended, and more than $1000 was raised.

Fast forward a year, and this year's event is taking place soon. Here are the details:

When: 1:00-5:30 PM, Sunday, August 16th

Where: MacLaren's, 301 Elgin Street (Map)

Cost: $30

And thanks to donations from sponsors including your very own Silver Seven Sens, most of the proceeds from ticket sales can go directly to the Sens Foundation.

Important links: Official website / Ticket purchase

What is happening:

Short answer: a lot. But here's a quick rundown:

  • Bruce Firestone, founder of the Ottawa Senators, will be presenting a preview of his book Don't Back Down: the real story of the founding of the NHL's Ottawa Senators, set for release in December 2015
  • Noted Ottawa magician Mr. Smith will be performing a 45-minute show
  • Contests including a trivia contest and NHL video game tournament (with prizes!)
  • A raffle -- book your tickets by the end of July and you get three raffle tickets, instead of the one you get if you just buy at the door. Raffle prizes include front-row seats for a Sens-Leafs game, an autographed jersey, and other autographed memorabilia, such as pucks, pictures, and bobble heads
  • A silent auction for items including breakfast with Bruce Firestone, and a set of nine framed caricatures of classic Sens players. (And remember -- all proceeds go to charity!)
  • A panel hosted by 6th Sens talking about all things Ottawa Senators/

Make sure to sign up soon to get those extra raffle tickets. For more information, check out the official website. Any questions can be asked directly to Kevin on Twitter or can be asked here in the comments and we'll make sure to pass them along. Here's hoping for this year's event to be even bigger than last year's!

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