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Ottawa Senators prospects

Prospect Update - February 14th

Hell yeah, Søgaard

Ottawa Senators Prospect Update - February 7th

Can Roby Jarventie put together a strong season upon returning from a long-term injury?

Prospect Update - January 31st

Did Ridly just graduate?

Prospect Update - January 24th

Jorian Donovan continues to be a bright spot in the 2023 season.

Prospect Update - January 17th

Welcome back to the Zack Ostapchuk show

Prospect Update - January 3rd

Mostly back to business as usual

Prospect Update: World Juniors Edition

And de facto open thread for today’s games

Prospect Update - December 20th

The Haliday Special, if you will.

Prospect Update - December 13th

Mads is back, baby

Prospect Update - December 6th

Two Senators have been named to WJC camps, with two more likely to push for spots as well.

Prospect Update - November 29th

Belleville Senators: still cursed when it comes to injuries

Prospect Update - November 15th

Sens’ injury-plagued nightmare continues

Prospect Update - November 1st

Halloween hangover edition

Prospect Update - October 18th

Even if week one of the NHL season didn’t go quite as planned

Ottawa Senators Prospect Update - October 11th

A trio of 2022 draftees are yielding some positive early returns for the Sens.

Ottawa Senators Prospect Awards 2022 - Most Improved

Lassi takes this one by the narrowest of margins

Ottawa Senators Prospect Awards 2022 - Top Newcomer

In the clutch, one prospect set himself apart from his peers

Ottawa Senators Prospect Awards 2022 - Best Defender

Despite a strong field, you knew who would take this one

Prospect Update - May 17th

and then there were none

Prospect Update - May 4th

de facto CHL Playoff Hub

Prospect Update - April 19th

It’s goalie week why not

Prospect Update - April 5th

When it’s the last month of the regular season

Prospect Update - March 22nd

Post-trade deadline edition

Prospect Update - March 8th

Who’s ready for NCAA tournament season?

Prospect Update - February 22nd

All the teams played over the (long) weekend

Prospect Update - February 8th

The BSens had a busy week

Prospect Update - January 25th

The defence corps of tomorrow—today!

Prospect Update - January 11th

It’s mostly still quiet around these parts

Prospect Update - December 28th

And de facto World Junior Championship open thread

Prospect Update - December 2nd

Some adult sons are larger than others

Prospect Update - November 2nd

Everyone is injured and a couple guys scored goals

Prospect Update - October 26th

Jake Sanderson is off to a fantastic start this season.