Sens Lore, the All-Canadian Division, and the finale of Battle of the Blades!

It’s the Monday edition of Links, News and Notes!

  • Friend of the blog @SteveonSens has put together a Sens fandom wiki! It’s essentially a website for documenting every meme, inside joke, and notable moment in Sens fandom history. It’s also very much a work in progress, and is designed to be shaped by community contributions, so please do contribute to it! Even if you don’t want to edit any of the pages, you’ll have a great time clicking through.
  • For subscribers to The Athletic, Hailey Salvian asks: how would an all-Canadian division affect the Senators? It’s definitely an interesting thing to think about, since I’m sure every fan of a Canadian team is looking at that division as an easy path to the playoffs. Looking forward to the 2021 season, the simple truth is that the Canadian teams don’t forecast to be all that strong. Still, Salvian points out that the Sens haven’t fared all that well against other Canadian teams, so it might be a little more difficult than we thought. It would definitely be fun, though!
  • Is the Canadian division happening though? We still have no news about the start of the season. It’s not looking great. /

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