Senators Announce Ottawa 2017 Sponsorship

No outdoor game announcement - yet

The Senators announced a $500k sponsorship of Ottawa 2017, becoming the second major corporate sponsor of the year-long celebration of Canada's 150th birthday. The good news for Sens fans in this comes from the signs of an improving relationship between the team and the city. Part of the donation also includes 20 new outdoor community rinks, as far as I can tell that is on top of the 20 already planned.

Could one of those new community rinks end up in LeBreton Flats?

The Senators aren't just helping the city out with their planning, but are also planning their own activities for 2017. One internal initiative is to honour former players through the year, with the exact plans on how to do so still to be figured out. There's certainly one jersey I could see being retired, and we've mentioned having a dedicated space for team history before.

We all know the big expectation when this press conference was announced last week was that it would be an outdoor game. While that wasn't what this was about, that dream is still a possibility.

The Senators also revealed their 25th Anniversary logo today, likely appearing as patches and at centre ice.

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