Senators Invited to Move Forward with LeBreton Flats Proposal

The submission by the group that includes the Ottawa Senators for the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats has made the first cut with the NCC

Four of the five groups that submitted preliminary proposals for LeBreton flats have been invited to submit more detailed proposals for the development.

The NCC listed out a few vague details about each of the proposals that made the cut on Twitter:

  • All of the proposals included a mix of commercial, residential and green spaces
  • Claridge Homes included indoor and outdoor concert space, as well as "cultural enterprises"
  • Devcore Group is proposing a "grande allée" with multiple cultural institutions
  • Focus Equities continued the trend of cultural venues and adds in the promise of the HQ of an international organization
  • Rendez Vous Lebreton Group is the arena, in addition to the common elements already mentioned/

There was no information provided about the fifth proposal, other than that it did not meet the mandatory requirements.

The deadline for the full proposals is November. The NCC has asked all four groups to not speak publicly about the details of their proposals during this stage of the process, so we're not likely to know much more until the public consultations that are expected to take place sometime in 2016. We may not even get to find out who the Sens have partnered with for "Rendez Vous Lebreton" until then.

The NCC expects to announce the selected proposal (and it sounds like only one, though it may just be the language used) in mid-2016.

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