Senators Development Camp 1-on-1: Shane Eiserman

I was fortunate enough to attend Ottawa's annual prospect development camp this past weekend. This is the third in a series of four 1-on-1 interviews with Sens prospects.

Ottawa held its annual prospect camp from July 1-7. The organization invited writers from around the Sens blogosphere to attend on-ice workouts and scrimmages. In addition, we were granted media access to players. The third player I talked to was recent Ottawa draft pick Shane Eiserman.

Amelia L: You were part of the United States development program. What was your greatest take away from that experience?

Shane Eiserman: Learning my role. You're not the top guy going in on the team so you've got to figure out what role you fit well and I was able to do that and it's really benefitted me.

Amelia L: You come from a hockey family. Your uncle played college hockey, your brothers and cousins are also prospects. What are the positives, what are the negatives of being part of a hockey family?

Shane Eiserman: I wouldn't say there are any negatives but you know, everyone's just tough on you, you know, making sure you're doing the right things. It's been awesome, I've learned a lot from my cousins, my brothers, so it's been great.

Amelia L: You're all about the same age, has there been a lot of competition between the five of you?

Shane Eiserman: Sometimes yes, there's five of us, so around the house or even on the ice we have a little bit of competition.

Amelia L: Did your family's connections to college hockey make it easier to decide on the college route? Why the University of New Hampshire?

Shane Eiserman: I had the college route, growing up in Mass [Massachusetts], a ton of colleges right around me, so that was the plan since day one. UNH is only 30 minutes from my house, so I'm really excited.

Amelia L: Is that why you made your choice to attend the University of New Hampshire because it's local?

Shane Eiserman: Oh yeah.

Amelia L: Any thoughts on potential majors or what you're going to study?

Shane Eiserman: I'm going into business school. So yeah, after the first year we'll see what happens.

Amelia L: You're a physically imposing winger with good skating ability who's strong on the forecheck. How do your skills translate to the two-way game most NHL coaches and GMs are looking for?

Shane Eiserman: I just try and use all my assets. You know I'm a big body; I like to use my speed. So yeah, the type of game I play, I've got to hit people, play a tough game, a gritty game. So just learning, coming here and learning all the new techniques of skating, trying to get to be a better skater and you know, hopefully that will benefit me.

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