Roll Call and Community Standards!

An introduction to members of the Silver Seven community.

There have been a lot of changes in the Silver Seven community over the past few months and we're taking a moment to reintroduce ourselves!

Silver Seven is a community built on respect. Our community guidelines reflect this:

"Post your opinions. Disagree with others. Be respectful of others, even if you disagree with them. Everything done on this site must be done in a respectful manner."

Silver Seven is a safe space for Sens fans to talk, explore, and share our passion for this team. Silver Seven is a place where Sens fans can have fun and share some laughs. Our community is different; ideas and opinions are valued even when disagreed with and we foster an atmosphere of acceptance.

We introduce ourselves below, but we'd love to hear from you! Whether you've commented for a long time or would be part of a great delurking, we invite you to share a bit more about yourself! Use this template, or any you feel works for you!

First Name: Only if you want to!

Location: We'd love to know where you are, especially if you are outside Ottawa like many of us!

Pizza or sandwich: If you don't like pizza or sandwiches, name your favourite food!

Favourite S7S Feature: Ups and Downs, Classic Stats, Game Previews, GDT, Recaps, By the Numbers, Top 25 Under 25, Email Hot Stoves, etc.!

Approximately when you started following the blog: Were you a lurker before you joined?

Fun Fact: The zanier, the better

Favourite Senator (all-time):

And of course anything else you'd like to share! Please, share only what you feel comfortable sharing.

Reintroducing the Silver Seven Staff!

theianalex, Staff Writer (@TheIanAlex)

Name: theianalex

Location: Ottawa-ish

Pizza or sandwich: Sub of the day

Fun fact: Somehow I am still an undrafted NHL prospect heading into my 6th draft year...

Favourite Senator (all-time): Alfie

Sheer_Craziness, Staff Writer

Name: Ross

Location: changes by the week. Moving to Calgary in the fall though

Pizza or sandwich: is this a choice between or favourite variety? I'd pick a hot sandwich with guacamole on it. I'm not a big fan of cold sandwiches.

Fun fact: I have been on 13 different flights since April 27th. One more til I'm back in Ottawa!

Favourite Senator (all-time): Ron Tugnutt (as in my display picture)

A.TheotimeCormier, Guest Contributor (@andretcormier)

Name: Andre

Location: London, ON (or Parts Unknown)

Pizza or sandwich: A Sandwich. Always. Unless I'm in the mood for pizza.

Fun fact: I'm a sun-sneezer. We're apparently 11% of the population.

Favourite Senator (all-time): If I say Peter Schaefer, do I have to spell his name correctly?

Sareon, Guest Contributor (@joshweissbock)
Name: Josh Weissbock

Location: Ottawa

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza

Fun Fact: I compete in rowing competitively and am trying to make the national team.

Favourite Senator (all-time): Oh-Ah! Silvferberg! no... wait... um... Erik Karlsson
nkb, Staff Writer (@nkb121)

Name: nkb

Location: Toronto

Pizza or sandwich: There's very little in this world that tastes better than a Neapolitan pizza

Fun Fact: I went to High School and have played hockey with, a current member of the Ottawa Senators

Favourite Senator (all-time): Marian Hossa

Mrs. O., Staff Writer (@MrsOsSens)

Name: Sarah

Location: Ottawa, ON

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza. Brooklyn pep, pineapple, olives, spicy chicken.

Fun fact: I once helped Joe Juneau coach a hockey practice for his team from Nunavut. After his team lost to Nepean (where I coach), he had me give them a pep talk to cheer them up.

Favourite Senator (all-time): Daniel Alfredsson

Michaela, Staff Writer (@Schreids)

Name: Michaela

Location: Ottawa, ON

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza. The answer is always pizza.

Fun fact: I almost physically ran into Carrie Underwood at a Sens game... It was awesome!

Favourite Senator (all-time): Daniel Alfredsson

Matt, Staff Writer (@therealmattshow)

Name: Matt McKechnie

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, green olives)

Fun fact: Laurie Boschman is a good family friend (we are in a playoff pool together)

Favourite Senator (all time): Mark LaForest

Ary, Staff Writer (@carteciel)

Name: Ary

Location: Whitby, Ontario

Pizza or sandwich: I make a really good breakfast bagel w/ eggs, cheese, and bruschetta! If I'm buying, pizza w/ pepperoni + mushrooms

Fun fact: I can say the alphabet faster backwards than I can forwards!

Favourite Senator (all-time): Marian Hossa/Radek Bonk/Erik Karlsson (really can't choose)

Roger T Shrubber, Staff Writer (@rtshrubber)

Name: Edmond Dantes

Location: Iffy

Pizza or sandwich: Shawarma

Fun fact: I joined this community because I felt compelled to be part of the discussion about the new coach's bristling moustache

Favourite Senator (all-time): Alfie

B_T, Staff Writer (@sammich_blt)

Name: Brad

Location: Ottawa

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza

Fun fact: Alexei Yashin's little brother was trying to hustle people with a coin game in the lobby at my cousin's wedding reception

Favourite Senator (all-time): Still Alfie, but maybe give Karlsson a few more years...

Adnan, Editor (@sens_adnan)

Name: Adnan

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza

Fun fact: Keith Olbermann mentioned me on his show!

Favourite Senator (all-time): Erik Karlsson

DarrenM, Editor

Name: Darren

Location: Vancouver

Pizza or sandwich: burrito

Fun fact: Won an original Game Boy in the early 90s through a Popsicle Pete mail-in contest

Peter Raaymakers, Editor and Founder (@rymkrs)

Name: Peter Raaymakers

Location: Ottawa

Pizza or sandwich: Pizza, although there are certain times when I would say sandwich.

Fun fact: Once got hockey-punched by a guy who once got in a hockey-fight with a guy who's hockey-fought Chris Neil, Zenon Konopka, Matt Carkner, and many more!

Favourite Senator (all-time): Norm Maciver (it's probably Daniel Alfredsson, in reality, but my heart is still a bit sore)

Amelia L, Managing Editor (@millvsSPQR, writes tweets for @silversevensens)

Name: Amelia

Location: Newmarket, ON

Pizza or sandwich: sandwich. I really loved sandwiches.

Fun fact: I often draw upside-down

Favourite Senator (all-time): Erik Karlsson

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