NHL Trade Rumours: Senators the Front-Runner for Jonathan Drouin, Per Report

No deal done yet, but signs that the Senators are clearly buyers this year

During their intermission panel last night, TVA Sports reported (french video) that in the Jonathan Drouin trade talks the Senators are the current front runner and the St. Louis Blues are out of the running. There wasn't much more to it than that - they spent most of the panel talking about why it should or shouldn't be the Canadiens. But they did raise some questions in terms of the Senators such as if they should still be looking for more help on the blue line instead and asking just what they would have to give up to get Drouin (but without giving any attempt at trying to answer that).

That last one is a good question, though - If you've been playing along at home, you'll remember that Cody Ceci has been the name coming up most often as the potential centrepiece from Ottawa's end in the Drouin talks. But with all the talk of getting Dion Phaneuf as a partner for him that might be a bit more doubtful. Curtis Lazar was also a name tossed around initially, but the general consensus was that Tampa was ideally looking for a young d-man in return. If that's not Ceci, could it be Patrick Wiercioch? It's possible that Phaneuf has made him expendable in the eyes of management, and that Tampa sees more in him than Ottawa does.

What is the most likely centrepiece from Ottawa in a potential Drouin trade?

Cody Ceci536
Curtis Lazar357
Patrick Wiercioch940
Blue Chip (Chabot or White)636
Other (add it in the comments)70

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