Relaxed Dress Code, The IIHF’s Failure and More

This week’s edition of the Thursday Links, New and Notes

  • As far back as we’ve known, hockey players had shown up to games dressed in their best. Some got creative with their styles and others just went with the good ol’ classics. It seems the Arizona Coyotes are tired of the notion of a “proper” dress code and announced today that they plan to fully relax their dress code allowing players more flexibility on what they wear coming into the game. I wonder if this was something requested from the players or just an organizational decision, either way I am curious to see how relaxed players will be showing up the game now.
  • By now, you must have heard about the horrible incident that occurred in the Ukranian hockey league by Andri Denyskin against Jalen Smereck. The racial gesture made in the game warranted an automatic 3 game suspension and the UHL announced this week that an additional 10 games were added to the suspension. Many felt that the punishment wasn’t harsh enough and are demanding the IIHF hold the UHL more accountable. There were also claims that Denyskin could just pay a fine instead of serving the suspension but the UHL clarified that this was not allowed.
  • COVID-19 is far from being behind us and while the NHL is able to slowly recover from its restrictions, other leagues in Canada are not so lucky. Hockey Canada has announced that it is cancelling the World Junior A, para hockey and women’s under-18 tournaments fearing it cannot control international visitors.
  • Former player and current Colorado Avalanche broadcaster Peter McNab has been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 69 years old. The US hockey hall of fame member will continue on with his analyst position while bravely fighting his battle. Sending him the best of wishes.
  • The Sens remain without Brady Tkachuk with numerous fans sighting him all over Ottawa at this point (none of the sightings are confirmed). Not sure what the Senators’ goal is here but it seemed like this should have been one of their easiest signings after their recent history and their extremely fluid cap situation. /
  • Today is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We hope everyone takes the time to educate themselves, honour those that were lost and if able donate to organizations working hard to make a difference in the lives of the survivors. /

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