Please, don't cross the streams

Things around these parts have to change, my friends, and we're as disappointed about it as you are.

Due to legal concerns, Silver Seven will henceforth not allow the exchanging of hyperlinks to pirated streaming webcasts of sporting events, notably Ottawa Senators games. Although we had, in the past, allowed these links to be distributed in our GameDay Threads, we simply can't allow it any more.

These online streams were useful for many fans on Silver Seven, particularly given the regional nature of many Senators broadcasts, and the visitors we regularly see from well outside the Sens' territory. It's unfortunate that legal realities will serve to punish mostly the most dedicated Sens fans trying to get whatever glimpse of their team possible. On the other hand, these streams will still exist on the Internet; each individual will now have to hunt them down themselves, though.

We'll be adding this new guideline to our Community Standards, and for the next couple of weeks, we'll be reminding those of you joining us in the GDTs of the change.

Thanks for your understanding. If you have any questions about the change, feel free to ask in the comments.

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