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This morning, Sylvain St-Laurent mentioned that Jared Cowen will accept his fate and play for the Binghamton Senators in the case of an NHL lockout. While Cowen isn't Swedish, we all know that Binghamton isn't the greatest place in the world.

That isn't all though. Cowen, an NHL regular playing all 82 games last season, will have to tolerate walking the unforgiving streets of Binghamton for a meagre $67,500. Last year, Cowen made $990,000 and was slated to make $810,000 in the NHL this season. To go from living the lifestyle of almost a millionaire to making less money than some of our readers has to be rough. He will be taking a pay cut of 93% from last season and almost 92% from his expected NHL salary this season.

Last year, Cowen might have bought a luxury condo overlooking the Ottawa river. Do you think he can make mortgage payments on that while playing for peanuts in some God forsaken town? Then there are the trips home to Saskatoon for Christmas. Do you want Cowen to have to take the Greyhound to New York City, then switch to one heading to Toronto, and then finally a third bus to Saskatchewan? There is every chance he could take the wrong bus in Toronto and end up heading east to Repentigny, Québec, Canada (for now) and chilling with Pascal Leclaire.

But Cowen is not alone. This is the chance for Sens fans to step up. Sens fans aren't some faceless corporate entity. We are good Canadians that help those in need. We can't rely on large donations that Jake Gardiner can expect. I ask you to donate $5, $10, $25 or $50 to this great cause. As a registered charity, Support Jared Cowen Fund is eligible for both federal and provincial non-refundable tax credits, pending approval from the Canada Revenue Agency. If you would like to get involved in this great cause, please do not hesitate and contact me before Cowen's next mortgage payment on 1 October.

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