Playoff Open Thread: June 23

Will we have a Cup finalist tonight?

Last night:

Montreal Canadiens 4 @ Vegas Golden Knights 1 (Canadiens lead 3-2)

Here we are, the Habs a win away from the Stanley Cup Finals after limping into the playoffs. Carey Price has turned the clock back five years, and Vegas has forgotten how to play hockey. I don't buy anyone saying Montreal is stifling their offence. Their defencemen are making unforced errors at the offensive blue line. Their passes aren't working. Even Mark "Mark Stone Again" Stone made a giveaway that led directly to a goal against. Vegas are throwing their shot against a team they should easily be dominating, and I'd probably find it funny if it wasn't against the Habs.

Tonight's Game:

Tampa Bay Lightning @ New York Islanders  (8 pm ET; Lightning lead 3-2)

After an 8-0 drubbing last game, the Isles will start this one of two ways: either they will come in firing on all cylinders, or they will come in believing they've already lost the series. Either way, the first 5 minutes will give us a good idea of if it will be over tonight or if there will be a Game 7.

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