The Noon Number: 46.2

46.2 - The Ottawa Senators' winning percentage in games where they outshoot their opponents, tied with the Edmonton Oilers for 21st in the NHL.

The Sens have outshot the opposition in 26 games so far this season, and have a 12-12-2 record in them. It's a sub-50 winning percentage, but exactly 50 per cent in terms of points-earned.

Thankfully for the sake of the Sens, they have a winning percentage of 50 when outshot by opponents: In 32 games where they're outshot, Ottawa's got a very impressive 16-10-6 record. That's a points-earned percentage of over 59. The Senators' winning-percentage-while-outshot is tied (with the Minnesota Wild and Dallas Stars) for 14 in the NHL.

Curiously, the Senators haven't finished a game with an equal number of shots as their opponents.

The obvious take-home from this goes against traditional hockey wisdom: The Senators need to take less shots. That's how statistics work, right?

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