Ottawa Senators UFA Dossier

Dossier is French for folder. UFA is hockey for unrestricted free agent. This is a folder of pending unrestricted free agents for the Ottawa Senators.

Nathan Lawson

#52 / Goaltender / Binghamton Senators



Sep 29, 1983

Cap Hit: $600,000 ($105,000 AHL)

This Season: Played the entire year in the minors. His season started off horribly, coming in cold off the bench midway through the second period against the Syracuse Crunch after Robin Lehner decided punching Syracuse goalie Riku Helenius several times was a good idea. Lawson came in with a 5-0 lead and left the building with a 6-5 overtime loss. However, when Craig Anderson went down with an injury and Lehner was called up (permanently, as it turned out), Lawson came in and led a much-depleted Binghamton squad to the playoffs.

Will He Be Re-Signed: 50/50

Why: Anderson and Lehner run the NHL show. Francois Brassard and Chris Driedger are both too young for the AHL. The only other goalie in the system is Andrew Hammond. Binghamton needs a goalie, and Lawson is as good choice as any. Flip a coin.

Comments: 52 is a strange number choice for a goalie.

Hugh Jessiman

#19 / Right Wing / Binghamton Senators



Mar 28, 1984

Cap Hit: $600,000 ($100,000 AHL)

This Season: Had a significant production drop from his previous season (44 points in 67 games to 29 points in 68 games), but took a major leadership role in Binghamton from day one. Jessiman helped them rebound from a dreadful 2011-12 season to returning to the playoffs despite having nearly all their top players called up as injury replacements.

Will He Be Re-Signed: Nope.

Why: The life of a minor leaguer is tumultuous and unpredictable. He could've stayed in North America, but instead signed with a KHL team, although he would've fit in better elsewhere in that league.

Comments: He will forever be remembered in every article about first-round draft busts.

Mike Lundin

#10 / Defenseman / Ottawa Senators



Sep 24, 1984

Cap Hit: $1,150,000

This Season: Started the season with a broken finger, then managed all of 7 games before getting concussed. Only played 4 more. A depth replacement player who barely got to fill his role.

Will He Be Re-Signed: Probably not

Why: Because he is the Ann Veal of the Ottawa Senators.

Comments: Him?

Andre Benoit

#61 / Defenseman / Ottawa Senators



Jun 06, 1984

Cap Hit: $650,000

This Season: The captain of the Binghamton Senators finally made the show, becoming a full-time NHL player at the age of 29. He probably played over his head in terms of minutes and pairings, but that's what happens in a season where even the mascot was probably dancing hurt. He treaded water and was at times quite useful. Did everything you could ask of him.

Will He Be Re-Signed: Probably

Why: Mark Borowiecki was named permanent captain in Binghamton towards the end of the season, so if he re-signs it'll be an NHL job. Management seems to like him.

Comments: Never forget.

Sergei Gonchar

#55 / Defenseman / Ottawa Senators



Apr 13, 1974

Cap Hit: $5,500,000

This Season: Finished third in team scoring with a measly 27 points, 15 of which came in a 10-game span where he broke Filip Kuba's team record for most consecutive assists. So for the other 35 games, Gonchar only had 12 points. Like everyone, he was forced into minutes he probably wasn't up to playing, although with Gonchar how much of that was team injuries and how much was because of his name cache is up for debate.

Will He Be Re-Signed: Unlikely
Why: He never seemed to really fit in with Ottawa. I'm sure Pittsburgh wouldn't mind having him back cheap. Certainly Evgeni Malkin wouldn't. Or, you know, KHL.
Comments: We are forever thankful that he wiped Filip Kuba out of the Senators record books.

Peter Regin

#13 / Center / Ottawa Senators



Apr 16, 1986

Cap Hit: $800,000

This Season: Pretty much a catastrophic year for Peter Regin. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong, except for his shoulder miraculously not exploding (although he did have an "upper body injury" so...). Despite playing 27 games, Regin recorded only 3 assists alongside no goals. None. Zilch. Nul. Okay, he did have that one shootout winner that ended up being pretty important in the grand scheme, but that could be considered his only highlight of the year. Was usurped by a French-Canadan rookie with a chantable name in the playoffs.

Will He Be Re-Signed: No

Why: His production keeps tanking, he scored zero goals, and the coach doesn't trust him. He needs a fresh start.

Comments: We say goodbye to Peter Regin with the greatest art form: poetry.

Danish superstar
Looking for Vanek money
So your agent said

Guillaume Latendresse

#73 / Left Wing / Ottawa Senators



May 24, 1987

Cap Hit: $2,000,000

This Season: When Latendresse was signed, the idea was for him to be that "big body presence" around the net and maybe chip a few goals in. It is strange that Bryan Murray decided that acquiring a slower Colin Greening was a good idea, and probably foolish for anyone to think it would work out. After coming back from getting migraines taken care of, Latendresse took off hot. From then on, he just sort of... existed. Wasn't spectacular, wasn't awful. Sometimes he dressed, sometimes he didn't. He was just sort of there, a $2,000,000 paperweight.

Will He Be Re-Signed: No

Why: Because he said so.

Comments: He played 30 games this year?

Daniel Alfredsson

#11 / Right Wing / Ottawa Senators



Dec 11, 1972

Cap Hit: $4,875,000

This Season: The captain was fourth in scoring despite posting one of his lowest point-per-game totals ever, although he made up for it by being a point-per-game in the playoffs. This was a season we expected Alfredsson to take a step back and maybe even take a few nights off, but injuries to teammates kept him in the lineup for all but a single game. No matter his statistics, Alfredsson is the heart and soul of the team. And while he may not have the numbers this season, he was still a crucial - nay, integral - part of the Ottawa Senators.

Will He Be Re-Signed: Entirely up to him

Why: Alfredsson has two options: A) retire, B) sign for one more year. It's his call. The team will oblige with whatever he decides. If he plays in the NHL next year, there is only one city it will be in.

Comments: Pick option B, please.

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