Ottawa Senators Training Camp Check-in: Sept. 28th

A few notes from an off-day

With the Sens enjoying an off-day on Monday following their Sunday night game in Winnipeg, there isn’t quite the usual deluge of updates from training camp but a few items of note nonetheless:

  • When Ridly Greig was drafted last year, it was widely understood that the talented centre had a nasty streak to his game that sometimes crossed the line. Well, if being suspended before he’s even played a regular season NHL game is any indication, Greig is coming exactly as advertised. The league handed out a two game suspension, one pre-season, one regular season, for Greig’s cross-check to the face of Pierre-Luc Dubois. Dubois required fifteen stitches. Hard to argue with anything in the league’s official explanation of the suspension:/
  • In totally unsurprising news, the Sens have released Leevi Meriläinen from the training camp roster and he’s been returned to the Kingston Frontenacs.
  • The Sens will be practicing in two groups this morning, with group A getting going at 9 am and group B at 10:30. The breakdown of who’s practicing with who could mean everything....or it could mean nothing. Welcome to training camp!
  • It wouldn’t be a news dump without a Brady update of sorts. In his daily update, Bruce Garrioch repeats the 8 years, $64M number that’s been floating around though re-iterates that the holdup appears to be contract structure and not dollar value of the deal. Given that we know exactly zero about the asks and offers on hand, I think it’s safe to say we’re no further ahead than we we’ve been since training camp kicked off.
  • And, lastly, in training camp-adjacent news, the NHL announced zero waste jerseys. Here’s the Sens’ version:/

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