Ottawa Senators Three Stars of the Week: Week 4

You know your defense is bad when your goaltender allows 14 goals and still gets named a star of the week

It’s been a rough week, but an entertaining one. The Sens lost all three of their games this week, although they did pick up a completely undeserved point against Vegas last night.

Three Stars

  1. Matt Duchene - Last week, Ross predicted that Duchene would be the player to watch, and he was! He scored three goals, with two of them coming against his former team, the Colorado Avalanche. He has also generally looked like an offensive threat on the ice all the time.
  2. Craig Anderson - This man deserves so much better. Andy may have given up a lot of goals this week, but it was not his fault. He faced 32 shots against the Bruins, 37 against the Avalanche, and an incredible 52 against the Golden Knights. I hope his teammates bought him enough beers to forget the Vegas game even happened.
  3. Mark Stone - Stone is a writer’s dream, because you can always throw him when you’re not sure who else to put down as a standout player. Stone is always good, and this last week was no exception. He led the team with 6 shots on goal against the Bruins, got 2 assists and continued with his usual puck-stealing ways.
  • Ryan Dzingel has been looking great and putting up lots of points. He’s a joy to watch.
  • Alex Formenton has been making a difference in the offensive zone. How many times has he almost scored his first NHL goal at this point?/
  • The defense, man. The entire defensive corps(e) has had an awful week. How do you even give up 52 shots in a game? How do you give up 6 goals in an epic third period collapse and still have your goaltender look good?
  • Mark Borowiecki gets an extra special shoutout for not just playing poorly, but also getting himself suspended for a very dirty elbow to the head during the Bruins game./

Who to watch

As I mentioned, Alex Formenton has been crushing it lately and it seems like in every game, he gets several opportunities to score his first NHL goal. I’m going to call it now and say he finally breaks through next week and gets that career milestone.

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