Ottawa Senators Sterling Predictions, Pt. 4: The Wins and the Losses

What will the team’s record look like at the end of the year?

As you may have heard, the Ottawa Senators will be playing a regular season hockey game this evening versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. After all the talk, after all the waiting, the time is finally is upon us. This also means, the last in our series of Sterling Predictions.

It’s the big one:

What will the Sens’ record be at the end of the season? Do they make the play-offs? If not, are they close?

Owen: 35-37-10 and an enormous shrug. They’ll be close to .500 but probably not the play-offs.

Shaan: With a 38-34-10 record, Ottawa will finish with 86 points, good for fifth in the Atlantic. They’ll end up behind 3-4 teams in the Wildcard race and their first-round pick will be outside the Top 10 for the first time in five years. All of this is contingent on Josh Norris and Shane Pinto being a legitimate 1-2 punch at center this year.

Trevor: The Senators will improve on their record from last season but still fall short of a playoff spot. They’ll finish with a record of 37-38-7 and 81 points, 12 points out.

Beata: They’ll finish with a 39-34-9 record and 87 points. They’ll compete for a playoff spot, but ultimately will be unsuccessful.

Nada: I’ve chosen to be obnoxiously optimistic this season so I’m going to say they’ll sneak into the playoffs. They’ll finish with a 41-32-9 record, good for 91 points and a wildcard spot.

Ross: Final record is 34-40-8 for 76 points. Not bottom of the division (hello Buffalo!) but still well outside the playoffs.

Ary: 37-37-8 for 82 points, though not particularly close to the play-offs.

Spencer: The Sens will have a 42-32-8 record for 92 points, narrowly missing the playoffs (but finishing ahead of the Habs).

nkb: Ottawa will finish with a 37-35-10 record for 84 points and their first winning record since 2016-17. Unfortunately, many of the wins will come after the trade deadline and though the team will be more competitive than in recent years they won’t be particularly close to a play-off spot once the calendar flips to 2022.

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