Ottawa Senators Sterling Predictions, Pt. 1: Who Will Lead the Team in Scoring?

Let’s gaze into the crystal ball, shall we?

With the Ottawa Senators’ season starting on Thursday, it’s time for the staff at Silver Seven to get down to the important business of showing just how little we know by putting on our prognosticators’ hats. As always, we’ll re-visit these predictions as we go along and hold ourselves accountable!

Who will lead the team in scoring? Will Brady Tkachuk return in time to defend his crown?

Owen: Given Brady Tkachuk’s status, I’ll say Drake Batherson leads the team in goals and Josh Norris leads in assists.

Shaan: Thomas Chabot is due to take a big step forward this year with a capable partner on defense, so I’ll say he leads the team with 60 points.

Trevor: The league is going to take notice of Josh Norris as he puts up a solid 61 points. Brady will sign a week into the season on a 2-year deal, giving him a late start and he won’t quite make up the ground on Norris.

Beata: Norris and Batherson both came very close to matching Tkachuk’s production last season, so I’m going to be bold and say that Josh Norris ends the season as the highest scoring Ottawa Senator by a small margin. Tkachuk will come close, but won’t quite be able to make up for a slightly late and slow start.

Nada: I’ll start by saying that I don’t think Tkachuk will miss a significant time. That being said I don’t think he’s going to be leading the scoring race. My bet is on Drake Batherson followed by Josh Norris.

Ross: It’s gonna be Tkachuk again. He might miss the first couple games, but he’ll be back and with his skillset will put up 65 points.

Ary: Josh Norris leads the team in goals, Tim Stützle leads them in assists, Thomas Chabot leads them in points.

nkb: Alas I think we’ve arrived at the point where there’s a real danger that Brady will miss significant time so I’ll go with Drake Batherson, who I think is poised for a big year scoring-wise.

Let us know who you think will lead the team in scoring this year in the comments below!

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