Ottawa Senators Sterling Predictions: Leading Scorers

Who’s topping the charts?

Here at Silver Seven, we pride ourselves on bringing Ottawa Senators fans the best possible coverage of our favourite team. I’d like to think that we succeed not only in entertaining but also in offering something approximating expert analysis. However, to ensure that we never get too high on our own supply, as it were, it’s important that we sometimes be reminded of just how often we get things wrong; hence Sterling Predictions, one of the site’s most beloved features. As usual, we’ll be running a series of articles this week leading up to the season opener in which the staff takes a stab at predicting the year to come.

Let’s get to today’s question:

Last year, Brady Tkachuk led the Sens with 67 total points and Josh Norris was the team’s Richard Trophy winner with 35 goals. This year, the top six is loaded to the gills with talent thanks to the additions of Claude Giroux and Alex DeBrincat. Who leads the team in total points? Who pots the most goals? And as a bonus: who racks up the most power play points?

Spencer: Tim Stützle claims the crown for total points; he’s going to have a big season no matter who he plays with. DeBrincat is going to overtake Norris as the goal scoring leader but it’s going to be close. Giroux leads the team in powerplay points feeding Tim and Cat.

Trevor: Stützle takes a big leap forward and leads the team in points with 78. DeBrincat will be the teams leading scorer with 34 goals, while the rest of the scoring is fairly spread out. Josh Norris will lead the team in powerplay points with 26.

Beata: Giroux will be the points leader after a few months, but Timmy will overtake him by the end of the season. DeBrincat will lead the team both in goals and powerplay points.

Shaan: Could we see a point-per-game player for the first time since the likes of Matt Duchene and Mark Stone? It’s definitely a possibility with the addition of Giroux and DeBrincat, the latter of whom will lead the team in goals (38), points (84), and power-play points.

Ary: DeBrincat for points, Norris for goals, and Stützle for powerplay points!

Ross: Stützle leads in points and powerplay points, while DeBrincat leads in goals.

Nada: Stützle for goals,  DeBrincat for PP points and Giroux for points!

Owen: Stützle for points, Batherson for goals, Norris for powerplay points.

nkb: I notice that no one has taken Tkachuk for any of the categories, which some might see as a slight to the captain but which I think just underlines how much deeper this team is up front. Provided good health for all involved, DeBrincat leads in goals and total points, but Stützle snags the power play points crown by a just a couple over the Cat.

So let’s hear your predictions in the comments below! Who’s leading the team in goals, in points, and in power play points?

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