Ottawa Senators Sign Scott Sabourin

He’s back!

At long last, the Ottawa Senators have finally signed the big contract we’ve all been clamouring for. That’s right: Scott Sabourin is back, baby!

Jokes aside, the team is bringing Sabourin back on a 1 year, two-way deal. Full details of the signing are here. The astute among you will notice that the $700k salary at the NHL level is actually below the NHL’s minimum salary, so expect an amended press release with the correct $750k minimum.

Sabourin spent the 2021 season in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, suiting up for just four minutes of NHL action, but is familiar to Sens fans from the 2019-20 season. I expect Sabourin will spend most of his time in the AHL but could very well suit up for a couple of NHL games if DJ Smith feels like the team needs a bit of extra muscle for a particularly physical match-up.

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