Ottawa Senators playoff superstitions


For Game One, a bunch of friends and I gathered in my basement and watched the Ottawa Senators defeat the Montreal Canadiens by a 4-2 score. We were all wearing Sens jerseys, and it was obviously good luck.

But for Game Two, when we gathered at my friends' house and weren't all wearing jerseys, the Senators weren't as successful and lost by a 3-1 score.

Most of us were at Scotiabank Place (in our jerseys, obviously) for Game Three, so that one's an outlier. But the Sens won and it was outstanding.

Games Four and Five, though? Back in my basement, with our jerseys on, and it worked perfectly--Ottawa won those two, thanks in large part to my friends and I following through with our superstitions (and, you know, the effort of Craig Anderson and the players themselves). I'm not saying that my friends and I are responsible for the series win, but we are.

In the playoffs, superstitions often ascend to another level; I tend to get a little crazy about them, and (rather ridiculously) feel like it's my fault when bad things happen. It's hard to shake, but you know how it is. Do you have any playoff superstitions?

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