Sterling Predictions: Standings

Where will the team finish the season?

Where will the Sens finish in the standings? Bonus: predict their final record.

Spencer: I think they’ll go 32-39-11 for 75 points and a 25th place finish.

Ary: Fifth in the Atlantic, with 79 points. 33-38-11

Colin: It’s not going to be a pretty season, which shouldn’t come to the surprise of anyone (except for maybe Melnyk). Prediction: 29-45-8 for 66 points, last in the Atlantic, 30th in the NHL.

B_T: 24th overall, 6th in the Atlantic, at 34-38-10 and 78 points. Better than a lot of people are expecting, but still well removed from “good”.

NKB: This won’t be an original thought but it’s difficult to imagine a situation where the Sens are anything but pretty bad this season. I expect they’ll finish 27th overall with a 33-40-9 record.

Beata: My heart says 0-82-0, but my head says 28-41-13 and 29th in the NHL. Sens fans will be happy about the #nice point total because by the end of the season that’s all we’ll have to get excited about. The Sens will also win the draft lottery and give their first-overall pick to Colorado.

Brandon: After the Karlsson trade and the return they got it’s hard to believe they’ll win a game, but realistically I see them finishing in the bottom five of the league. The team has somehow only gotten worse from last year. No Karlsson, no defence core, no goaltending, that’s a huge “yikes”. No amount of youth can fix that.

Dewie: My head is still in daze so I may live to regret this stupidly bold prediction but I want this team to do well if only so the Avs don’t get a top3/5 pick. I won’t predict a playoff spot because even I am not that crazy (but damn imagine) but I’m going to say they finish 21st overall with 80 points (32-19-16) I know I lost my mind but does anything make sense anymore?

Ross: Ottawa may have finished 30th last year, but it’s hard to be consistently that bad in the NHL. The Senators may have lost their captain in the offseason, but so did two other teams in the division: the Red Wings and the Canadiens. I think those two, the Islanders, and the Canucks will be worse than the Sens. That means Ottawa will finish 27th in the league, well outside the playoffs, but not right at the bottom. I’ll say they go 29-36-17 for 75 points.

Where will the Sens finish the season?

Bottom-three in the league150
28th-20th in the league185
Just outside the playoffs89
Wild card playoff spot56
Top-three in the division33

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