The Noon Number: 165

165 - The number of man-games missed due to injury for the Ottawa Senators, as of February 17, 2012.

That works out to about 2.8 man-games-lost-per-game-played, which is 20th-lowest in the league. The Senators have missed far more games than the league's healthiest team, but far fewer than the league's least-healthy teams.

That healthiest team in the league is the Boston Bruins, who've only missed 41 man-games due to injury (a number which I assume doesn't include Marc Savard). That's ridiculous... they've been completely healthy for a good portion of their season, and mostly healthy for all of it.

The least healthy team in terms of man-games lost is the Montreal Canadiens, who've lost 279, but the Pittsburgh Penguins have lost 4.9 per-game-played, so they're highest in that measure (Montreal's close, with 4.8 MGL/GP). The Penguins are exceptional among teams at the top of the list, which also includes the disappointing Canadiens, New York Islanders, Buffalo Sabres, and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Although not quite as lucky as the Bruins, Ottawa had been pretty fortunate in terms of injuries so far this season--at least until Craig Anderson got a hankering for a post-game snack.

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