Ottawa Senators Lose 3-2 to Chicago Blackhawks in Shootout

Now everyone go watch Canada vs USA, please

Look. I’m going to be completely honest here: I don’t care about this game. The only reason I am even watching tonight is because nobody else was available to write the recap. This is probably the least I have ever cared about the Sens.

I never, ever thought I’d reach a point where I cared this little about the Ottawa Senators. A few years ago, I would have said that I’m with this team no matter what. Losing streaks, heartbreaking losses, perpetual mediocrity, star players leaving town, you name it. I would sit through it. I would continue to watch every game. I could deal with this stuff. I still think I can. Give me 5-10 years of missing the playoffs and I’ll still buy tickets. That’s not what’s turning me away from this team.

The thing that’s turning me away is the fact that the owner seems more preoccupied with saving a few bucks than with building a decent hockey team. The fact that I have absolutely no faith in a management group that is, apparently, the thinnest in the NHL. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. Recently, I’ve seen some of the most passionate Sens fans I’ve ever met announce that they won’t be renewing their season tickets, or that they simply aren’t watching games any more. When you’ve lost those people, you’ve done something horribly wrong.

Anyway, with that rant out of the way, I’m going to be upfront about something else: there is actual good hockey that I care about on tonight, and it is going to start pretty much as soon as this game ends. I do not intend to let the Sens ruin that for me. I will publish this recap before that game starts.

So I’ve decided to write a different kind of recap tonight: more of a stream of consciousness as the game goes on. I’ll write down everything that happens, as it happens, and then we can all move on with our lives. Enjoy.

The first few minutes look pretty even. Chicago seems to have possession most of the time, but they’re not getting any amazing chances. Now it’s been about 6 minutes and the Hawks definitely look like the better team.

It’s been 3 minutes since my last note and nothing has happened.

Hey, Karlsson and Stone just teamed up for a great scoring chance! And the Sens’ first shot of the period. I like those two. No, I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye.

The Hawks are getting some good chances now. I’d be okay with that, but some of those chances are coming from Patrick Kane and that I can’t accept.

Both teams are getting some chances now. I’m sorry this commentary is so boring, but there’s really nothing happening and I’m looking for things to say.

So my least favourite player in the NHL just scored. Kane crashed the net, Condon sort of saved it, then it snuck through. Again, I don’t really care, but it’s Patrick Kane so I do care.

Now there are four minutes left and Zack Smith just scored. Brassard sent the puck to the front of the net and Smith redirected it. How many scouts are in the building?

Kane almost scored again. Cool cool. The Blackhawks are still dominating in scoring chances. Reminder that the Blackhawks are bad this year.

Chicago nearly scored several times right at the end there, but now it’s the intermission, which means I get twenty minutes of watching the Olympics. I was about to call the Olympics “Sports That Don’t Make Me Sad” but then I remembered that there is, in fact, one sport with the ability to make me sad, and I’m about to watch it in two hours. Oh god. I can’t do this.

Aaaaaand we’re back.

The teams have traded scoring chances in the first few minutes. The Blackhawks for a few shots, then Chabot and the Sens did some good things.

The Sens don’t actually look too bad right now. Wait. Scratch that. They do.

The Blackhawks have scored again. He Who Must Not Be Named made an excellent play to set up his teammate for an easy redirect and put Chicago up 2-1.

The Sens have a powerplay now. Yay? Wait. Zack Smith is going to the box now so the poweplay’s over already. This looks like a Blackhawks powerplay. It’s not.

Almost as soon as the second penalty ended, Matt Duchene scored a beautiful goal. Smith came out of the penalty box, helped the Sens break out of their zone, and Stone sent the puck to Duchene. I like that guy. I feel bad for him. He deserves better.

Nothing intersting has happened since that (except for Erik Karlsson making a really nice pass) and now the period is over. Score is 2-2. Olympics time.

The third period has just started, and Marian Gaborik got an excellent shot. The play has still been mostly Chicago. But the Sens have had some good chances too. This is weirdly fast-paced. And exciting. I don’t understand.

The broadcast is showing highlights from the playoff run. Everything’s fine.

Several minutes later, Thomas Chabot is going to the box for high sticking. This Blackhawks powerplay looks great.

With about 4 and a half minutes left, the Sens are putting pressure on the Hawks. I want one of these teams to score, simply because I will be furious if this game lasts longer than necessary and impedes on my Olympic watching time.

And the game is going to overtime. Why? WHY?

The Sens are starting some very good players for overtime. Maybe this means it’ll end quickly. Please?

Dzingel makes a fantastic play and nearly ends the game. but he doesn’t. Boo.

The overtime is incredibly exciting and I enjoy it a lot but nobody scores and so the game goes into a shootout. Meanwhile, Canada vs USA starts in 20 minutes and I’m furious.

Toews doesn’t score. Duchene does. Kane scores (ew). Chabot (?) gets stopped. So does Duclair. And Dzingel. It’s 1-1 now. Debrincat scores for Chicago. Hoffman scores for Ottawa. WHY is this game still going on?

Condon stops Anisimov. Boucher puts Gaborik on and he gets stopped too. Jurco doesn’t score. Neither does Pyatt (of course). If the women’s game starts and this one is still going on, I’m changing the channel.

Schmaltz scores for Chicago. Stone is stopped. Honestly, I’m relieved because I have BETTER THINGS TO WATCH!

Now, everyone please do yourselves a favour and go watch Canada vs USA in the biggest event of these Olympics. It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be the most nerve-wracking game since last year’s playoffs. And I’m going to need lots of emotional support if I’m going to get through it.

Notable Performances:

  • The usual suspects were good. Duchene, Stone, Dzingel. I like those guys.
  • Mark Borowiecki was actually pretty good tonight./



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