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Ottawa Senators Game Previews

Game 50 Preview + Open Thread: Senators @ Canadiens

Ottawa heads to Montreal looking for their fourth consecutive win

Game 49 Hub: Senators @ Canadiens

Ottawa looks to sweep their weekend rivalry series, this time against Montreal

Game 45 Hub: Senators @ Penguins

Now with 100% more sibling rivalry

Game 41 Hub: Senators @ Coyotes

Now THIS is a trap game

Game 40 Hub: Preds at Sens

Sens look to bounce back before hitting the road

Game 38 Hub: Jackets at Sens

The worst of the East comes to town

Game 37 Hub: Senators versus Sabres

Pretend last night never happened

Game 34 Hub: Bruins at Sens

It's back from the Christmas break to face the best team in the league

Game 33 Hub: Caps @ Sens

Will Ovi surpass Gordie Howe in Ottawa?

Game 32 Hub: Senators @ Jets

The battle of canada’s unloved children resumes

Game 31 Hub: Senators @ Wild

Ottawa looks to make it 5 straights wins as the head to Minnesota

Game 30 Hub: Senators @ Red Wings

Different but the same

Game 29 Preview + Open Thread: Montreal Canadiens @ Ottawa Senators

Let’s go!

Game 28 Hub: Ducks @ Senators

Ottawa is 5-2-1 over their last 8 games, can they continue their solid play against Anaheim?

Game 27 Hub: Senators @ Predators

Ottawa looks to get back in the win column during an afternoon matchup in Nashville

Game 26 Hub: Sens @ Stars

Sens go looking for a bounce back game on the road

Game 25 Hub: Senators versus Kings

Sweep. The. Series.

Game 24 Hub: Brady Tkachuks vs Erik Karlssons

Send Brady Tkachuk’s #7 the rafters yesterday.

Game 23 Hub: Senators @ Rangers

Note to self: There are three periods.

Game 22 Hub: Ottawa Senators vs New York Rangers

Can they win three straight for the second time this season?

Game 20 Hub: Senators @ Ducks

It’s the movable object against the stoppable force for your afternoon viewing

Game 19 Hub: Senators @ Golden Knights

Bright light city gonna set the season, gonna set the season on fire (one way or another)

Game 17 Hub: Senators versus Devils

What’s old is new (jersey) again

Game 16 Hub: Sabres @ Senators

It’s getting really late pretty early

Game 15 Preview: New York Islanders @ Ottawa Senators

It’s an early one

Game 13 Hub - Sens at Devils

The Sens hope to stop the streak on the road

Game 12 Hub - Senators versus Canucks

One of these teams has to be due, right?

Game 11 Hub: Flyers @ Senators

The Senators look to stop their 4-game skid as they host the Philadelphia Flyers

Game 10 Hub: Senators versus Golden Knights

One of these teams has played slightly better than the other of late

Game 8 Hub: Senators @ Panthers

Let the rivalry begin (again)

Game 6 Hub: Stars @ Senators

The Dallas Stars visit Ottawa as the Senators look to make it four wins in a row

Game 5 Hub: Coyotes @ Senators

The Arizona Coyotes come to Ottawa as the Senators look to make it three wins in a row